Poker Tournament News Websites

Best Poker Tournament News Websites:

If you want to find the latest live or online tournament news we recommend the websites below!

PokerNews.com – Best Live Tournament Coverage

Pokernews is the biggest poker news site on the internet.  You will find the most best up-to-date news coverage at pokernews and they provide the … more

Poker Tournament Forums

The Best Poker Tournament Forums:

Find the best poker tournament forums on the internet for MTT strategy, hand advice or general tournament discussions.  The list below contains my personal favorite poker/MTT communities.

Two+Two MTT Forums – Active Professional MTT Posters

The 2+2 forums are the busiest and most active communities on the internet.

Whether it’s the … more

Knockout Bounty Tournaments

Knockout Bounty Tournaments:

Bounty tournaments have a special bounty on each player’s head given to the player who knocks him out.  The bounty is a percentage of each players buy-in (usually 10 – 50%).  This results in manical agression, swings and outrageous calls which makes knockout bounty games extremely exciting to railbird and … more

Deep Stack Tournaments

Best Deep Stack Tournaments 2012:

Deep stack tournaments are the most popular for experienced small ball players and tend to attract the pros.  Deep stack tournaments give you more starting chips then a regular tournament (5,000 instead of 1,500) and have a much slower blind structure (30 minutes rather than 15 minutes).  The effect is … more

Poker Tournament Strategy Books

The Best Poker Tournament Strategy Books:

Harrington on Hold ’em Volume 1 – 3 by Dan Harrington

   – Geared towards no-limit hold’em tournament

   – Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert advice 9/10

About the Author – Dan Harrington:

Dan Harrington is the reverant god father of poker tournament strategy. He has pioneered three of the most … more

Steps Poker Tournaments

About Steps Tournaments:

Steps tournaments have been cropping up in online poker lately and are one of the most exciting and best ways of making alot of money with a small bankroll. 

Steps tournaments entail a series of singe-table games where the winners get promoted up a “step” in satellite-type structure.  Players … more

Best UK Poker Tournaments

Best UK Poker Tournaments: Titan Poker

Bonus Info: Get a $500 Bonus

Titan Poker is the biggest on the iPoker network, offers a massive range of tournaments and is the the 3rd biggest poker site in the world.  Titan is an excellent choice for UK and European tournament players because all of their tournaments are … more

Carbon Poker’s Daily Dollar Dazzler

Carbon Poker’s Daily Dollar Dazzler is Here!

Carbon Poker is running four tournaments daily tournaments with a total $2500 in guaranteed prizepools, for just a $1 entry each.

You can play in four Daily Dollar Dazzler tournaments at Carbon Poker at the following times:

12:15 Daily $500 Guaranteed
15:15 Daily $500 Guaranteed
18:15 Daily $1,000 … more

Best Online Poker Tournaments 2010

Best Online Poker Tournaments 2010!

Online poker has been growing at a rapid pace. New poker tournaments have been burgeoning into our laptops for years – and 2010 has been no different!

So to help you find the best online poker tournaments in 2010 we’ve written reviews of the top poker tournament sites below:

Best Online … more

Best WSOPE Satellite Qualifiers

Best WSOPE Satellite Qualifiers – Betfair Poker

As official sponsors of the WSOPE, Betfair are one of the best sites to qualify for the WSOPE.  In fact, Betfair contributed over $1 million to last year’s WSOPE event and they regularly promote live packages to their players worth up to $30,000.  Betfair … more

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