Deep Stack Tournaments

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Best Deep Stack Tournaments 2012:

Deep stack tournaments are the most popular for experienced small ball players and tend to attract the pros.  Deep stack tournaments give you more starting chips then a regular tournament (5,000 instead of 1,500) and have a much slower blind structure (30 minutes rather than 15 minutes).  The effect is that it puts more emphasis on “pure” poker and post-flop play, and this gives you more value for you buy-in plus removes some of the variance found in super turbo games. For more information read deep stack tournment strategy.

1. Titan Poker: $500 Bonus!

The Titan Poker lobby is loaded with deep stack tournaments and runs the annual European Deep-Stack Championship, which includes some massive deep stack events and prizes.   Each day Titan runs the $5k GP Double Deepstack, the $20 Freezeout Double Stack, the $7,500 GP Double stack Freezeout ($50 buy-in) and a $25 double stack at night. annual European Deep-Stack Championship which includes some massive high stakes deep stack events and prizes.


2. PokerStars: $600 Bonus!

PokerStars runs lots of daily deep stack tournaments in the $20 – $1,000 buy-in level.  The deep stack structure at PokerStars gives players 5,000 starting chips, 10/20 blinds and very slow 30 minute blind levels. The downside to these games is that PokerStars attracts the best pros in the game.  And deep stack tournaments are the honey pot of pros.

Another reason to play at PokerStars is the number of tournament promotions they offer.  Along with the annual WCOOP, which is the biggest online poker series each year, PokerStars run some $1 million MTT leaderboards and run monthly promotions like the recent Win a Lamborghini tournament.

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