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Wrestling is not really one of the major types of sports on which punters regularly place a wager on. However whilst the interest from a betting point of view on the more unusual types of sports being rather small there are several regular events on which you can place a bet and get plenty of different odds all dependent on which bets you place and who it is wrestling against whom.

There are often many different matches held in one particular venue per event held, and these events can often take part in many different venues all over the world, so whilst most people think that Wrestling is more of a play type of sport on which the result has been arranged before the match starts, with Sportsbetting sites offering odds then the results cannot have been pre-arranged before the matches start or they wouldn’t be offering odds!


Wrestling Betting Opportunities

There are no shortages of major Wrestling events held throughout the world, and we have listed many different ones below for you. We have paid careful attention to ensuring we list as many different event and different countries where these events are held to give you an idea of just how many of them are regularly held.

World Raw Tour – This is a very popular spectator event in the world of Wrestling and those fans of the sport in Australia will be able to watch a plethora of different Wrestlers at various World Raw Tour events held through Australia. Betting opportunities are of course available during this major event.

Wrestle Mania Revenge – The Wrestle Mania Revenge event is very popular and is one in which people living in Brussels will be able to enjoy an evening or afternoon of their favourite sport on which you will be able to not only pick your favourite Wrestler but also have a wager on that person in the hope he will win the event outright.

World Smack Down Tour – Anyone living in Canada who has an interest in Wrestling will probably already have made a date in their diary to watch and possibly have a wager on one of the major Wrestling events held in their country. As with all major Wrestling events the World Smack Down Tour is always a very popular betting event and lots of different ways to place a wager are on offer.

Raw – The United Kingdom is where you will be able to watch the Raw Event, and this is guaranteed to be a huge event as it is usually held at the O2 Arena in London. With plenty of Wrestlers taking part and the massive interest in this event you will find more than enough different wagering opportunities become live before and during each match.

Berufsringen – It is in Germany where many Berufsringen Wrestling events are held, it is worth pointing out that this type of Wrestling is performed to the regional rules of the game and as such may be slightly different to some other events and matches you have seen. Some very raw and very exciting sets of matches can be viewed and wagered on whenever Berufsringen events are being held.

Wrestling Bet Types

It will all depend on just which Sportsbetting site you are placing your wagers at in regards to the type and number of different wagering opportunities which will become available to you when you fancy placing a wager on a Wrestling match.

However to help you understand each of the different ways in which you can win and place these kinds of wagers we have listed many of the most popular types below for you.

Match Betting – When you place a Match Bet you are simply wagering on which Wrestler in one single match you think will be the winner of that particular match, as is to be expected one of the Wrestlers will be the favourite to win and the other will be the underdog and their winning odds will always reflect their chances.

Double Betting – A small handful of Sportsbetting sites will let you place a Double bet on Wrestling matches, when you place this kind of wager you are looking for two different Wrestlers playing in different matches to win, and if they do then your stake is placed on the first one and then all winnings including your stake are placed on the second Wrestler.

Round Betting – To add a bit of spice to your Wrestling bets you can always pick and wager on which Wrestler you think will win the match in any particular round. These types of wagers can offer large odds as the chances of you picking the winning round coupled with the winner Wrestler will be much harder to predict than simply picking the overall winning of any bout.

Wrestling in Play Betting

There is now a brand new way for anyone wanting to place a bet on wrestling to do just that. This new betting medium allows you to place wagers on this sport once the actual bout gets underway. This is known as In Play Betting and it really has taken off across the world.

There are a growing number of Sportsbetting sites who will let you place wagers on many different Wrestling events once they have started, however the odds of the many different betting opportunities are going to fluctuate wildly once the game gets into live play.

How a Live In Play wager can benefit any gambler is the simple fact that you could hedge your bets this way, so if for example you have had a wager on one Wrestler before the match got underway and he isn’t in good form during the match then you can hedge your bets by betting on his opponent during the match.

Many punters can often lock in guaranteed profits on their bets and wagers by betting once a match has got underway, and if this is of interest to you then have a good look around our site as many of our top rated and highly recommended betting sites will let you place these kinds of wagers.


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