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If you are a fan of Basketball and you fancy placing a bet or taking a look at the many different betting opportunities which you can place on any Basketball game then you will find a lot of different odds on offer at all of the leading online Sportsbetting sites, as the global interest in Basketball fixtures and events is huge.

You may think that it is the NBA matches and events which draw the biggest number of wagers in from gamblers however there are many more different Basketball sports events on which you can place a wager.

You can of course pick which teams will win any matches outright or you could place a more exotic type of wager such as what the winning points of any match will be, plus you can often find free bets on offer by becoming an online Basketball bettor which is a great way to win by placing Basketball bets which are free and won’t cost you a cent.

Throughout our website we make a point of showcasing to you a wide and very diverse range of betting opportunities and individual bet types on which you can wager on any of the major sporting events and sport types, and below is our complete guide to betting on Basketball.


Basketball Betting Opportunities

There are more than enough Basketball matches running throughout the year which offer you plenty of diverse betting opportunities, however some of them are more popular than others and as such in this section of our guide to Basketball betting we have listed below for you some of the major events and tournaments.

US Basketball – The country with the biggest Basketball fan base is of course America, and you really are going to find that those Basketball matches held throughout the season which are held in the USA are going to offer the biggest number of wagering opportunities. Should you have an interest in this sport then you will be impressed by the sheer diversity of betting opportunities which will be available to you online.

European Basketball – Whilst not as popular as US Basketball events European ones are growing in number as is the number of people getting interested in Basketball throughout Europe, and as such you will find all major Sportsbetting sites offer you a massive number of different bets which can be placed on these types of events and fixtures.

College Basketball Coupon – This is where many gamblers who like betting on Basketball events and fixtures will pay a lot of attention to which teams are playing against each other, and it is often classed as the bread and butter of the Basketball betting industry as a lot of ongoing interest is given to these types of Basketball events.

NBA – It is probably NBA which springs to mind in regards to the most popular types of Basketball matches, and it is true to say that you will find those matches played in NBA fixtures and events where most people tend to wager on the outcome of them. A lot of Sportsbetting sites offer free bets and wagering opportunities to new players singing up at their respective sites when they place wagers on nay NBA event so do look out for those sites.

Basketball Bet Types

Below we have listed a few of the different types of Basketball wagers you can place at all of the leading online Sportsbetting sites, should you wish to place any kind of Basketball wager online then please ensure the site at which you are thinking of placing your wagers at is fully licensed and regulated.

Win Bet – When you place a Win bet on any Basketball match you are simply choosing one of the two teams to win that particular match, the odds on offer at the betting sites will obviously reflect the chances of any team’s chances. Be aware that each betting site will offer their own odds and as such by shopping around you can often find better odds on offer.

Handicap Betting – When one Basketball team has a greater chance of winning any match then you will find most Sportsbetting sites offer a Handicap Market on those matches, this is where they will give one of the teams, usually the underdog, an increased starting score for betting purposes only, and as such the odds of the favourite to win the match will become much more attractive to anyone wanting to place a wager.

Correct Score Betting – You will also find several Sportsbetting sites will let you place a wager on the actual score of any Basketball match. When you place such a wager you have to correctly predict the score of each team in any one match and some very generous odds are on offer on these kinds of wagers, however they are often very hard to predict due the very nature of the game.

Basketball in Play Betting

One way in which more and more people who regularly bet on Basketball games are finding an increasing number of winning betting opportunities is through what are known as In Play Bets. These types of wagers can only be struck once a Basketball game has begun and as such you will find the odds of offer can wildly fluctuate as the game progresses through each round.

How people tend to make repeated profits from these kinds of wagers is by striking initial bets before the game has started and then hedge these bets once the game starts, this is a fine art however with lots of practice and some experience under your belt you may also be able to make sustainable profits this way.

Another popular way of placing Basketball bets is by using the services of a betting exchange, unlike started betting sites on these kinds of sites you are placing wagers against other punters and as such can ask for your own odds and also you can bet on Basketball teams to win or lose, and as such plenty of additional ways to win become available.


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