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There are plenty of ways for you to take a financial interest in a Cricket match, and the easiest one of course is for you to place a wager on which team you think will win a match.
However there are plenty of additional bet types of offer on all up and coming Cricket matches and this is where our guide to betting on Cricket which can be found below will help you find one or more of these bets which will be of interest to you.

It is also worth pointing out that many sports betting sites now offer live in play odds, and these are offered once a Cricket match begins, and as such you will find odds fluctuating as the match progresses and is played out. Many of the larger well known Sportsbetting sites, which are listed on our website, will now allow you to place these types of in play wagers.

So if you are getting the urge to have a wager on any Cricket match then have a look through our bet on Cricket guide below for once you discover the sheer diversity of the available betting opportunities you can place a wager instantly and online and then sit back and watch that match payout, either in person at the Cricket Ground or on television.

Cricket Betting Opportunities

Below we have listed just a small sample of some of the biggest Cricket events and tournaments which are held across the globe. It goes without saying that there are plenty of different types of wagers which can be placed on any or all of these Cricket matches and tournaments.

Indian Premier League – The number of fans watching Indian Premier League Cricket is enormous, and as such the number of people interested in all matches that are played regularly in this League is massive. There are of course plenty of Sportsbetting sites now offering odds on all these Cricket matches and by shopping around you can find the odds on offer vary greatly from site to site.

The Ashes – Will it be England or Australia who walks off with the Ashes this year, well the form of both teams is always going to vary, however there are plenty of available betting opportunities on which side is going to win.

ICC Champions Trophy – This particular Cricket series sees the very best International one day Cricket teams going head to head, there are eight of these teams in total and as such you are always going to find a red hot favourite and of course plenty of underdogs, and the result is a very diverse range of bets and odds become available.

County Championship – There are no shortages of Cricket teams in each and every County and this is why the County Championship is so very popular. A large series of Cricket matches are played throughout the season and plenty of betting opportunities will become live.

North West Premier League – The North West Premier League is the cream of the Cricket team crop in England, with teams all competing throughout the Cricket season in the hope they can make it to first place. You will be able to place an Ante Post wager before the season and series of matches begins and this can often be the key to taking a long term view and securing the best odds on your chosen team.


Cricket Bet Types

You will be able to place a wager on any Cricket match whether it is England playing Australia in the Ashes or one of your local home County Clubs playing against each other. To give you a small insight into the very diverse range of betting opportunities on offer we have listed some of them below for you.
Match Betting – The easiest type of Cricket wager to understand and place is the Match Betting one, here you simply need to select which of the two teams playing against each other will win, and if your team does when then your wager is of course successful and you are paid out at the odds you took when you placed the wager.

Highest Score first 15 Over’s – Another type of novel and very unique bet which you can place on a Cricket match is the Highest Score in the first 15 Over’s bet, the name of the wager gives you an indication of what this bet is all about, and it should be noted the odds on each team will vary depending on their form and overall winning chances when you take the offered odds and place a wager on this bet type.

Method of 1st Dismissal – This Cricket bet can often offers lots of fun and excitement, and Sportsbetting sites will offer you a range of odds on the method of the first dismissal during any particular live Cricket match. This wager is certainly a bet for those seeking something more exotic to wager on during the early stages of a Cricket match.

Runs fall of 1st Wicket – You can also bet on the runs fall of the first wicket, this type of bet is not offered at all betting sites, so you will have to sign up to one of the larger sites who are famed for offering a diverse range of bets and wagering opportunities on Cricket matches. However there are plenty of them about so finding one will not be as difficult as you may think.

Total Runs – You will be able to place a Total Runs wager at the majority of online sports betting sites. This is the type of wager whereby a spread of options will be offered and you will need to use your skill and judgement to pick from one of them, and it goes without saying the odds offered will vary greatly. Shopping around for the best odds is advisable when betting online as great value can often be found by doing so.

Team To Score The Most Sixes – Another type of Cricket bet which has just a few potential outcomes is the one whereby you need to select and predict one team from the two playing who you think will score the most sixes in any one match. With just two teams playing then there are not many options, simply pick one side or the other. The odds on this bet will be determined by which team is players against which team and their current form.

Total Match Run Outs -You may be surprised to learn that you will also find odds offered on the total match run outs, more and more Sportsbetting sites are expanding the sheer number of Cricket bet offerings and whilst this bet is not one of the more commonly placed wagers, should you have an idea of the total run outs then why not put your predictions to the test by placing such a wager.

To Win the Toss – You can even bet and wager on who will win the toss, you will certainly find out whether you have won or lost the wager quickly, but with only two possible outcomes you will not find the odds are very generous on this wager, but it will give you a welcome distraction before the match gets underway.


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