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The biggest worldwide spectator sport is of course soccer, with sports fans all over the globe taking an interest in their local or national team then this always spawns a lot of betting opportunities on which you can place a myriad of wagers.

A soccer match is made up of two halves, both of 45 minutes, however when there has been stoppages or injuries in the match then often an extra amount of time is added on to compensate for this.

Should you be considering placing a soccer bet or wager then make sure you check the rules of the bet in question to ensure you fully understand the exact type of bet you are placing and whether it includes this extra time.


Soccer Bet Types

There are plenty of unique types of bets which can be placed on a soccer match, and below you will find small collection of the most popular wagers available. There are lots of bookmakers and Sportsbetting sites offering you these kinds of bets, so if you have a personal favourite team in any league and fancy going for a big win then why not place one of those bets listed.

We should also point out that many soccer betting sites will also offer a free bet to tempt you to become a new customer, and this is a great way of getting extra value from your soccer betting.

Correct Score – The biggest odds available on any type of soccer bet are usually found on the Correct Score wager. When you opt to have a bet and place such a wager you are required to correctly predict the final score of the soccer match. The odds will vary greatly depending on which teams and playing against each other and the score you predict.

Anytime Goal Scorer – Should you think that any player in an up and coming soccer match will score a goal sometime during that match then it will be the Anytime Goal Scorer wager which will be of interest to you. Sportsbetting sites often display a large set of odds on each player and you can then select any of them and those particular odds, should he score at anytime during the match your bet wins.

Half Time Full Time – One type of score wager which can payout at quite large odds is the Half Time Full Time bet. This kind of bet is relatively straight forward to understand, you simply need to correctly predict whether any soccer match will be a home, draw or away win at both the half time whistle and the full time whistle.

First Goal Scorer – Should you be a fan of any one particular player in a soccer match then you will be able to place a bet that he will score the first goal in any match he is playing, the odds of course will be determined by his actual chances of scoring, his form and the position on the field he plays in.

Last Goal Scorer -You will also be able to select one player who you think will score the last goal in any scheduled soccer match, this is known as the Last Goal Scorer bet and most online Sportsbetting sites let you place these kinds of wagers along with offering odds on every player scheduled to play.

Under Over Bet – Another relatively new kind of soccer bet is the under and over bet. The Sportsbetting site will determine a number of goals which they think will get scored in this type of bet and you must correctly predict whether you think the game will end in Under (less goals) or Over (more goals) than those displayed on their betting sites for any soccer match played.

Home Team Bet – When you place a Home Team Bet you are simply wagering that the first named team in the betting match, this being the one who is playing at their home ground, will win the match by scoring more goals than their opposing team.

Away Team Bet- The Away Team Bet is much like the above named bet; however you are placing a wager that the team who are playing away from their home ground will ultimately end the game with the greatest number of goals scored.

Draw Bet – A Draw is simply when, after the allocated time of a soccer match, which is usually 90 minutes plus any stoppages time, that the game ends in both teams either having scored no goals or they both score the same amount of goals in the game.

No Goal Scorer – You will also be able to place a bet on any soccer match which is known as the No Goal Scorer wager, this bet is going to be successful if after the game has ended, no player managed to score a goal, so in effect the match must end 0-0 for you to pick up your winnings at the odds offered.

Time of a Goal – Another quite novel type of bet is the Time of a Goal wager, you can select the first or last goal in a match to be scored and if you correctly predict the time it is scored then you are a winner. A list of options are usually offered on this type of bet giving you a better chance of selecting a time spread in which a goal will be scored.

Red and Yellow Cards – You will also be able to place a wager on whether any one team or individual player will receive a Yellow or Red Card during any soccer match. The odds on offer on this kind of wager are going to be determined by the betting site and the current form and reputation of the soccer teams playing.

League Winners – One of the more long term types of wagers you can place on a soccer match is the League Title Winner Bet, as the name of the wager suggests you have to pick which team out of all those playing in any one league will win the title at the end of the season. The odds for this wager will of course change during the season.

Handicap Betting – Some soccer betting sites will offer a handicap type of betting structure on certain soccer matches, this is where they will select on team, usually the underdog to start the game with a mythical goal advantage, and as such when you are placing these types of wagers you need to keep that handicap mark in mind as the odds will reflect the given chances of winning the match for both sides.

Soccer Bet Specials

Due to competition being so strong between online Sportsbetting sites, there can be some special consolation type bonuses awarded when you have placed a soccer bet which could see you getting your stake return should something happen during a soccer match.

Those betting sites which offer such consolation type wagers will list on their sites what this event is, and if it occurs then if your bet loses you will get your stakes returned.

One example of such a wager is when you place a bet which loses, however is one of the players listed by the betting site scores a goal during this match then this will be the trigger for the refund of losing bets.

These consolation bonuses can offer tremendous value so do look out for them being offered, as it is a great feeling if your bet loses yet you still end up with your stakes returned.

In Play Betting

Many Sportsbetting sites will also let you place a wager on any soccer match once it has started.

This is known as the In Play Betting Market, and once a soccer match starts then the betting site will constantly update their range of odds on the betting opportunities offered as the soccer match progress.

Many punters now utilize these In Play betting options to hedge their bets and can often guarantee a profit during a soccer match by placing additional wagers as the game moves on.

You will of course need to be quick when placing such a wager as the betting sites do increase and decrease odds instantly once for example a team scores or a player gets sent off, however placing instant bets is always a reality when you are placing a wager online.


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