MTT Tools & Software

In the last few years, a number of excellent poker tournament tools have been available for poker players.

In terms of whether or not I think you should use them, I think if you’d like to improve your game and are serious enough about playing MTTs then these will be a worthwhile investment. Different tools help you succeed in online poker in different ways, but the end result is always that they give you an edge against opponents and increase your ROI. Below, I’ve listed what I think are the top 4 poker tournament tools.  I’ve used all these tools at least once, making my reviews reliable and accurate. 

1. Tournament Indicator

Tournament Indicator is an all inclusive poker tournament calculator that attaches itself to any multi-table tournament/sit and goes that you play. It has been specifically designed for use in online MTTs, but you can also use it in single-table tournaments.  The benefits this tool provides includes instant M-Zone calculations, player profiling (including aggression, showdown wins, PFR%), hand percentages and advice for shoving in different tought spots. You can view more video demonstrations and information at the Tournament Indicator Homepage.  Visit the tournament indicator review.

2. Poker Office

Poker Officethe best poker tracking program for MTT and cash game players.  It tracks all of your tournaments and hand histories to provide detailed reports, statistics and graphs that can help you improve and find leaks in your excisting strategy.  Players can replay their MTTs using the replayer and Poker Office record a number of useful stats including ROI, ITM and final table finish %.  The Poker HUD has by far the most advanced software and it gives users the ability to upload 16×16 icons to display overlay stats to help interpret an opponent’s agressiveness.  Visit the Poker Office Review.

 3.  Tournament Shark

Tournament shark’s HUD automatically attaches itself to the MTTs you play and provides amazing statistics and information on all the opponents on your table.  This includes their VPIP%, 3Bet%, FTR (fold to raise), previous tournament results (ROI/ITM%) and loads more… The best thing about Tournament Shark is that it allows you to instantly make better decisions.  You can identify the weak players at your table whilst avoiding the pros. Tournament Shark is available with a free trial, after which it costs $69 (or $7.99 per month). It is fully compatible with Poker Stars, Bwin, Titan, iPoker Skins and many more.  Go to the Tournament Shark Review.


4. SNG Wizard 

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The SitNGo Wizard

SNG Wizard is an extremely useful calculator program which reads your entire tournament hand history and runs an analysis of each hand.  It massively improves your tournament play (particularly your Bubble and ITM strategy) because it explains where you made negative $EV decisions and where you played the hand incorrectly.  The end result is that you significantly improve your tournament winnings, by learning to play more optimally and make better tournament equity decisions preflop. SNG Wizard is compatible with Full Tilt, PokerStars, Party Poker, Ultimate Bet, Titan Poker and PKR.