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There is huge International interest in all Boxing matches and there are many Boxers who have a huge fan base following also, so as is to be expected where a sport has such a large following then plenty of live odds are offered and plenty of different types of bets can be placed whenever two Boxers have a fight planned.

Below is our informative and very in-depth guide to betting on Boxing and you will be able to quickly find out about the different ways to win and place plenty of bets on this very popular of sports category.

Also by having a good look around our website you will also find plenty of different Sportsbetting and bookmaking sites who will offer you free bets on all manner of up and coming Boxing matches.


Boxing Betting Opportunities

The way in which all Boxing Matches are categorized is in regards to the weight of the Boxers taking part in those matches. There are several different governing bodies and types of boxing matches however they all use the same weight categories to identify each type of Boxing match.

Below are the standardised and recognized weight categorise for all IBF, WBA, WBC and WBO Boxing event and matches these all of course offer a plethora of betting opportunities which we have listed below for you.

Heavyweight – There is no weight limit imposed in Heavyweight Boxing Matches and it is this category of boxing matches which have the biggest number of gamblers placing wagers on them. The outright winner of each match is the most popular wager placed on these Heavyweight Boxing matches.

Cruiser Weight – 14 stone and 4 pounds is the maximum weight any Boxer taking part in this category of match are permitted to weigh in at and there are a huge number of these kinds of matches held through the year all over the world.

Light-Heavyweight – 12 and a half stone is the maximum weight a Boxer can weigh in at on a Light Heavy Weight Boxing match, make sure you shop around for the best odds available as those on offer on these kinds of boxing matches can and do vary from betting site to betting site.

Super-Middleweight -You will need to weigh in at no more than 12 stone to be able to take part in any Super Middle Weight Boxing match, you will find that it is the round betting opportunities which are the most popular types of wagers placed on these kinds of Boxing matches.

Middleweight – 11 stone 6 pounds is the maximum weight limit for any Boxer taking part in a Middle Weight Boxing match, some of the more well known Boxers are often taking part in these matches and a lot of interest is placed on them.

Welterweight – The maximum weight of opponents in a Welterweight boxing match is 10 and a half stones, you will find more than enough betting opportunities are live on these kinds of Boxing events which are held through the world very regularly.

Super-Lightweight – 10 stone is the maximum weight permitted for any Boxer taking part in these kinds of boxing matches, they can often throw up some unusual results and as such a lot of betting interest is found on these boxing matches.

Lightweight – You will not be able to take part in a Lightweight Boxing match if you weigh in at more than 9 stone 9 pounds, there are a lot of these Boxing matches held regularly around the world.

Super-Featherweight – When a Super Feather Weight Boxing match is underway neither of the two opponents taking part will weigh more than 9 stone 4 pounds as this is the maximum weight limit for these kinds of Boxing matches.

Featherweight – The weight limit of any Boxer taking part in a Feather Weight category of Boxing match is 9 stone, and you guessed it there are plenty of betting opportunities surrounding these kinds of Boxing matches.

Super-Bantamweight – 8 stone 10 pounds is the weight limit on this Super Bantam Weight category however there are not an abundance of these types of Boxing matches held that regularly, however if you look hard enough you will find some of them.

Bantamweight – The weight limit on the Bantamweight category is 8 stone 6 pounds, and there are certainly no shortages of available betting opportunities whenever these kinds of Boxing matches are being held.

Super-Flyweight – 8 stone 3 pounds is the weight limit on all Super Fly Weight Boxing matches, you will be able to place a wager on which Boxer will knock the other one out in any round of any match played if you so wish.

Flyweight – The weight limit on all Flyweight boxing matches is 8 stone, there are a lot of these kinds of Boxing matches held throughout the year across the globe so plenty of live betting options will be available.

Light Flyweight – In the Light Flyweight category the weight limit is 7 stone 10 pounds, as with all of those categories listed on this page there are lots of different ways to bet on any such Boxing match.

Minimum weight – The weight limit for this Boxing category is 7 and a half stone, and as such the Boxers are quite trim! There are all of the betting opportunities available on these matches which are listed below.


Boxing Bet Types

Being a major spectator sport you will find a plethora of different types of wagers and bets can be placed on all Boxing matches. There is a wide variety of available bets on which a huge diversity of odds are on offer, and the art to placing a successful wager is of course down to you picking a successful wager and also securing the very best odds for your bet type.

Below is a collection of popular and some unusual type of Boxing bets you can place on Boxing matches, have a good look through these and consider placing one or more of them when you are next planning to watch a Boxing match as they will certainly give you an added interest in the outcome of the match if you have placed a live sports bet on that particular match.

Boxing Match Betting – You can select either of the Boxers to win any match they are taking part in, this kind of wager is known as a Match Bet or Win Bet and you simply need to pick the winner of any match to win. Be aware the odds of one Boxer will be lower than the other due to his winning chances, so shop around to find and secure the very best odds as they can and do vary from betting site to betting site.

Round Betting – For much better odds than the above type of bet then consider placing what is known as a Round Betting wager, here you must not only pick the winner of the Boxing match but also which round he will win the match in, some excellent and generous odds are always on offer on these kinds of wagers.

When Will The Fight End – This kind of wager is much like the above bet however some Sportsbetting sites will let you pick one of many different time spreads in which you are hoping the match will end, you do not necessarily have to pick the winner of the match just the time it will end in.

Method of Victory – Another popular betting type offered on Boxing matches is the Method of Victory wager, there are lots of ways an match can end, on points for example or a knockout, and as such you will need to guess how any single Boxing match will end and if your guess is correct then your wager will be a winning one.

Will the Fight go the Distance – There are only two possible outcomes to this type of wager, yes or no, and as such you may find the odds on offer rather low, however it may be a bet worth taking more so if you are looking to hedge any other bets.

Total Rounds – For those of you looking to get some very large returns from your Boxing wagers and bets then consider placing a Total Rounds wager, here you need to predict the number of rounds which will be in play on any Boxing match, and if the match ends on your chosen round then you wager will be a winning one, once again odds will vary depending on which round you pick and at which Sportsbetting site you have placed a wager at.

Boxing in Play Betting

No longer do you have to place your Boxing wagers and bets before a Boxing match gets underway as more and more betting sites now have live in play betting opportunities on offer and this is a great way to get access to plenty of different betting opportunities.

Live in Play betting will see odds fluctuate during a Boxing match and as such you can often find great value from placing such a wager once a Boxing match starts. The odds of course will vary as each Boxer’s form during the match is discovered and as such you need to pay careful attention to how each Boxer is performing during the match.


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