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One of the biggest range of regular betting opportunities become live during the Baseball season, and being one of the most popular spectator sports in the US then Baseball is also going to offer a very diverse range of ways to win when placing such a wager on this popular sport.

To give you a much deeper insight into what type of Baseball games and bet types are on offer have a good look through the Baseball betting guide below. Remember the actual odds on each team are going to vary greatly depending on their current form and which team they are playing against.


Baseball Betting Opportunities

Below are all of the major Baseball matches which attract the biggest number of wagers, and as such you will find a lot of online Sportsbetting sites and Bookmaking sites offering a myriad of wagering opportunities on any of those listed below.

Make sure the betting site which you sign up to has a solid reputation for paying winners promptly and always make sure that site is fully licensed and regulated. All of the top rated Sportsbetting sites are listed on our website so if betting on any on the Baseball fixtures or events listed below appeals to you then they can always be relied on to deliver the goods.

Major League Betting – When it comes to the betting opportunities offered on the game of Baseball it is the Major League games that get a lot of attention from gamblers. With this in mind we have compiled a definitive guide to the bet types available on this category of sport below.

MLB Divisions – Another very popular set of Baseball type wagers are offered by most Sportsbetting sites on the MLB Division games. Much like the above category there are plenty of different kinds of betting opportunities which become active during the season.

World Series – You will be able to place a bet on which team you think is going to win the World Series outright, the earlier you place these types of outright winner wagers the best odds you will find on offer, as once the tournament gets underway then the odds of each respective team are going to fluctuate according to their winning chances.

American League – Another very popular Baseball series can be found in the American League games, once again plenty of regular betting opportunities become live during the season and you can of course bet on the outright winner of any game played or bet on each team during each individual game in the season they play.

National League – It is true to say that most Baseball fans will have their own opinions on who they think are the best team or teams in the National League and once again a plethora of different betting opportunities become live during each game played.

Baseball Bet Types

One aspect regarding having a bet on any Baseball event or Baseball fixture that is going to excite any gambler is having a large number of wagering and betting opportunities on offer during that game.

The actual odds of any one team winning, more so when that particular team is the favourite to win will often be very restrictive and as such those odds will not be very attractive to anyone wishing to place a wager on such a team.

When you find your chosen team is favourites to win any particular match then it can often be the handicap betting opportunities where you can find the best value as during these types of matches the underdog is given an imaginary and for betting purposes only increase in their score, and as such the favourite’s odds of winning are increased.

Match Betting – You will be able to pick which team you think will win any Baseball game outright by placing a Match Betting type of wager. Not only are you restricted to picking the outright winning of any game played but you can also place wagers on each part of the game.

Innings Betting – For a larger number of different bet types you can bet on the 1st to 8th Innings of any particular game and this will give you quite a diverse range of betting opportunities. Under and over type wagers are very popular when placing bets on any individual Innings.

Handicap Betting – When you place a Handicap type of wager on any Baseball game this will see one of the sides being given, for betting purposes, an increased starting score, you will find this type of wager most commonly found on games where one team is in much better form than the other team they are playing and by giving the underdog a larger initial score then the odds are more attractive on both teams.

Baseball in Play Betting

One new way of betting which is proving to be a massive hit with anyone thinking of placing a wager on Baseball games is the Live In Play betting opportunities and formats which has recently been made available at a lot of Sportsbetting sites, and this is often described as the biggest thing to happen to Baseball betting in recent years.

When a Baseball match gets underway then in years going by no additional wagers would become available on such matches. Sportsbetting sites would simply close the book and then wait for the games to play out and then simply pay their winners once the game ended.

However Live in Play betting will let you place a myriad of bet types once the Baseball game has begun. You can place your wagers at ever changing odds on which team you think you will win for example at any stage of the game up until the final stages of the game.

By placing one of the In Play wagers then many gamblers placing a bet on a Baseball game can often secure and lock in a profit by hedging their initial wagers struck before the game actually started.

Have a look at some of our featured Baseball betting sites who offer these Live in Play type of wagers and watch the odds fluctuate once a Baseball game gets underway and you will see for yourself how they work and operate and you will soon realize when lots of different winning wagers could be placed and wagered on.


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