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There is a huge amount of interest in golf tournaments from sports fans across the globe, and as such there are no shortages of different betting opportunities which are on offer both before and during each of the tournaments held.

You will find that not only can you place a wager in advance, before the tournament has started, but thanks to many sports betting sites now offering live in play odds you can also place a wager once the tournament has begun, and as such plenty of additional betting options come into play.

The beauty of betting on golf is that even though you will have plenty of the more well known players lifting title after title, occasionally some of the lesser well known players hit form and manage to make it to the finals and have been known to walk off with both the trophy and the top prize often at very large odds.


Golf Sports Betting Opportunities

Tiger Woods – As many golf fans are particularly interested in Tiger Woods then you will often find many sports betting sites are offering special odds when he is taking part in a tournament. You can bet on how many Majors he will win in a year, the number of Majors he will win in his career and even which Major event he will win next.

US Masters – Probably one of the most famous of all golf tournaments is the US Masters, and it is true to say this is the most popular one to wager on. A plethora of betting opportunities will be available with the outright winner bet being the one most people tend to place a wager on.

The Ryder Cup – There is a lot on interest in the Ryder Cup and in regards to the most commonly placed wager placed on this Major is whether it will be the USA or European players who will lift the trophy, you can even bet on whether the event will end in a tie.

Race to Dubai – One of the most exciting multi round golf tournaments which are played throughout the world and ends with the final leg being held in Dubai is the aptly named Race to Dubai Tournament. This series of golf tournaments has a massive $30.5 million in prizes and as such both from a players and betting point of view great interest is always placed upon it.

Tavistock Cup – Usually held around March of each year the Tavistock Cup is a golf tournament whereby a number of Country Clubs enter their best players. This is certainly one of the most prestigious golf tournaments and one on which you can bet on which team you think will lift the Trophy along with plenty of other types of betting opportunities.

Arnold Palmer Invitational – This in an annual PGA Golf Tour which is held each March. The venue for this tournament is in Bay Hill Florida and is has been held there each year since 1974. Plenty of wagering opportunities are available on this annual event which is also a major golf betting event.

Golf Bet Types

There are a number of different bet types which you may not be familiar with in regards to placing wagers on a golf tournament, so to give you a helping hand, below we have listed some of the more commonly found wagering opportunities along with some of the more unique and exotic golfing bet types.

Outright Betting – The most commonly placed wager on any golf match is the one whereby you pick who you think is going to win the tournament and this is referred to as the Outright Betting market, the odds on each player will vary depending on their winning chances.

Betting Without – To give punters a more open set of wagering opportunities when one particular player is virtually guaranteed to win a golf match, you will find some sports betting sites offering what is known as Betting Without. In these types of wagers the favourite to lift the title is removed for betting purposes and as such the odds on the remaining players are adjusted accordingly.

Hole Score Betting – You can often find odds being given on the actual score of any hole played. This will mean you need to pick whether it will be a Birdie or better, a Par or a Bogey or Worse, the odds offered will of course vary depending who is playing.

Hole Betting – To ensure plenty of various types of wagering and betting opportunities you will also be able to wager on who you think will win any one hole, the odds offered will be for one player to win the hole or it ends in a tie.

Each Way Betting – More and more online betting sites now let you place an Each Way wager, when you place this type of bet you are in fact placing two separate wagers, one part of your wager is on the player chosen by yourself to win the tournament or match and the second part of the wager will cover them if they finish in one of the top places in the tournament.

The number of places for betting purposes in the tournament will be dependent on which betting site you are wagering at, however in the large tournaments they usually offer places up to the top five finishers and pay a quarter of the win odds as the payout for the Each Way element of this wager.

Player Specials – As mentioned above certain players will attract a lot of attention in any golfing event, with players such as Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy being of interest to a lot of golfing fans. As such many sports betting sites are known to put together some unique and novelty type wagers on these two players in particular.

So should either of these players be personal favourites of yours then also spend some time having a look around the many different betting sites as you can often find some tailor made and exclusive wagers attached to these two players, which will certainly give you plenty of additional ways to get involved and profit from their golfing careers and matches.


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