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There is a large fan base for Formula 1 racing, and whilst it is true to say it is either a sport you love or one you hate there is no getting away from the fact that there are plenty of wagering and betting opportunities always on offer when the Formula 1 season is up and running.

Betting on Formula 1 racing is guaranteed to add another level of interest in any race run and there are plenty of different bets you can place on this popular racing car sport. The Championship betting opportunities are massive and in this betting guide to Formula 1 racing you will find out all there is to know about betting opportunities arising on Formula 1 racing.

As with all types of Sportsbetting we suggest you spend some time researching the betting site you are thinking of playing at, however to ensure you find one which can be relied on to offer the very best odds, guaranteed payouts of winnings in a timely fashion, stick to those Formula 1 Sportsbetting sites listed throughout our website as we have handpicked the very best ones for you.


Formula 1 Betting Opportunities

Below are a collection of the entrants who take part in Formula 1 races, and these are all very well known companies who love the sheer thrill in taking part in many of the Formula 1 tracing tournaments that are running throughout the racing calendar.

You are of course able to place a bet on any one of those listed below and further down this page you will see a wide range of betting opportunities which are in play and available on each and every Formula1 race held.

Red Bull-Renault – One of the more well know sponsors of the Renault team is of course Red Bull and this popular drinks company sure do love everything about Formula 1 racing, as anyone who follows the sport will know sponsoring any team is certainly not cheap however in regards to sponsoring Renault, Red Bull certainly do have very deep pockets!

Ferrari – One team which has always been at the forefront of high end motors is of course Ferrari, and they have somewhat of a high pedigree when it comes to Formula 1 racing, they have also spawned some of the best known drivers over their long association with the sport and this is guaranteed to continue year on year.

McLaren-Mercedes – Another team who have a huge following is the McLaren-Mercedes team, whilst they always strive to produce the best vehicles and drivers for each Formula race they take part in anyone who has been following the sport knows it is never a certainty one team will win, no matter how good their cars are.

Lotus-Renault – Not one of the most successful of teams is Lotus-Renault, however you can always guarantee that they will try their damnedest to win each Formula 1 race they have entered and ten out of ten have to be given to them for their efforts over recent years.

Mercedes – Another very established company is Mercedes and they too can be relied on to try their hardest, and they are always famed for major modifications to their vehicles to ensure their team of drivers have the very best chances in every Formula 1 race they take part in, and they do take part in many of them!

Sauber-Ferrari – A recent team to take part in Formula 1 racing is the Sauber-Ferrari team, whilst not the one most people seem to look at for a guaranteed profit when they are betting on Formula 1 racing, they do give it all they have in regards to trying their best to lift the title.

Force India-Mercedes – Another excellent team is the Force India Mercedes team, who whilst not boasting the most well known set of drivers they cannot be given anything but ten out of ten for their efforts. Always checkout the odds offered on them when a Formula 1 race is up and coming as they do have some excellent odds attached to them.

Williams-Renault – Right at the top of many gamblers lists of Formula 1 teams who they are hoping will win is the William-Renault team, with a huge list of winning races under their belt they sure do know what is required to win these races. However the odds are often restrictive to some bettors who look for excellent value and very large returns from their Formula 1 bets.

Toro Rosso-Ferrari – Always worth a look in the betting market of any Formula 1 race are the odds on offer on team Toro Rosso Ferrari, you will find most Sportsbetting sites tend to overprice this team who can always be relied on to give their best race on race.

Caterham Renault – Another team who regularly take part in Formula 1 races are of course team Caterham Renault, whilst not really up there with the best of them this ensures some generous winning odds are attached to this Formula 1 team and always attract plenty of interest in the betting markets.

Marussia Cosworth – The final team on our listing is of course Marussia Cosworth, with a proud heritage they have always been associated with their class of vehicle and generous odds will always be on offer on this lesser well known team.


Formula 1 Bet Types

Have a good look through all of the available bet types which you will find available on each and every Formula 1 race held, as they are not just restricted to who will win each race and as such you can have plenty of fun and entertainment when viewing each race by placing one or more of the listed bets.

Qualifiers – Many races will require Drivers to Qualify for their place in the race and as such you will find you can place a wager on who will qualify for what starting position on the grid, always guaranteed to stir up great interest from anyone who enjoys Formula 1 racing are these kinds of wagers.

Win Bets – The most commonly placed wagers on all Formula 1 races are the Win Bets, this is where you simply pick one team or driver to win any one scheduled Formula 1 race. It is worth always remembering that there is always going to be a red hot favourite for each race run and as such savvy bettors on these races will always shop around to ensure they lock in the very best odds from any driver.

Podium Finishers – One of the more excite type of wager that gives you three chances of winning is to pick one of the drivers or teams who will end up on the winner’s Podium, obviously the odds offered on these kinds of wagers are going to reflect the actual winning chances of the driver or team you select to finish in one of the winning positions of any one race.

Fastest Lap Time– This is another kind of exotic type of wager you can place on a Formula 1 race, and as the name of this wager suggests you need to pick who will get the fastest lap time in any one race. Plenty of odds will be offered on this kind of wager and as such always keep an eye on them as great value can often be found, however it all depends on who you pick to get the fastest lap time of course!

Safety Car Needed Wager – One of the more controversial kinds of wagers you can bet on in the sport of Formula 1 racing is whether the Safety Car is going to be needed in a race, whilst no one likes to see it coming onto the track you can indeed bet on its appearance at some online betting sites.

Number of Drivers Finishing – Another of the more controversial types of bets you can place when watching a Formula 1 race is the wager which lets you predict how many of the drivers who actually start a race will end the race. Whilst no one likes to see accidents or mishaps happen during a race they do happen and as such if you fancy placing such a wager then there are plenty of betting sites who will more than happily take your money on this kind of bet.

Winning Distance – You can also bet on the actual winning distance that any chosen driver will end the race winning by. This is usually measured in seconds, as opposed to similar bets offered in say horse racing. Due to the very nature of these kinds of betting and the numerous actual betting options then some massive odds are of offer to those wishing to take a change on this kind of Formula 1 bet.

Formula 1 in Play Betting

Once a Formula 1 race has got underway then in times gone by that is when you could no longer place a wager on the outcome of the race or have a wager on what will happen during any one particular race.

However there have been many new betting opportunities opening up in Formula 1 races in recent years and thanks to what are known as Live in Play wagers you can now bet on any Formula 1 race when that race is live and in progress.

Many of the above types of bets and plenty of additional ones are offered at betting site online who offers Live in Play wagering, and you should be aware that as the race is in progress these odds offered on each possible outcome will change instantly as different things happen during each race.

Should you be looking for a whole new world of live betting opportunities at any time during a Formula 1 race then checkout a betting site offering Live in Play wagers as you can often find excellent value and great odds on offer.

For even more Formula 1 betting opportunities make sure you checkout some of the betting exchanges available online, unlike standard betting sites these sites offer you the chance of betting against other gamblers, and as such you can bet on drivers or team to not only win races but to lose races as well.

The beauty of placing bets and wagers on betting exchanges is the you will also be given the opportunity of asking for your own odds on anything surrounding the world of Formula 1 betting and as such you will usually find someone with an opposing view willing to give you those higher odds you are asking for on betting exchanges!


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