Re-Buy Tournaments

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Re-buy Tournments:

Re-buy tournaments allow you to recharge your stack if you go bust within the first hour of the tournament. They are characterised by a lot of early stage agression and loose play.  Hence why you need to be willing to committ 5 re-buys to win.

Best Poker Sites for Re-buy Tournaments:

1. Titan Poker – $500 Bonus

Titan Poker has the best schedule of re-buy tournaments (unfortunately they don’t accept US-players).  They range from $1 to $50 in entry fees and can be played in both regular and turbo format.  

Another great reason to play at Titan is the very soft competition and low stakes games.

2. Carbon Poker – $600 Bonus

Carbon Poker offers re-buy tournaments from $1 to $16 in buy-ins.  They are great for micro-stakes players with small bankrolls.

The majority of Carbon’s games are full of fish too which makes them profitable.  You can play add-on tournaments which give you the option to increase your starting stack before it starts.  If you sign up to carbon poker with our deposit code mosesbet1 you get a $600 bonus and free coupon to the daily $3k Gtd.

3. Party Poker – $600 Bonus!

Party Poker runs a monster of high stakes re-buy tournaments.  However, they also run $1 micro re-buy MTTs to $5, $8 and mid-stakes $55 tournaments.  Party’s rebuy tournament structure allows you to re-buy into the tournament up until the 6th blind level. 

For Great Re-Buy Tournament Strategy go to Re-buy Tournament Strategy!


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