Our Best Poker Tournaments Picks

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Our Top 5  Tournaments Throughout the Week:

How Did We Pick Them?

Our5 tournament picks of the week are chosen based on their prizepool, competition of entrants, buy-in and most importantly the “fun factor”.   We’ve tried providing tournament recommendations for players of all stakes, ability, and bankrolls.

  • Carbon Poker:  $50,000 Guaranteed, Sunday @ 15:00 EST.  Buy-in: $109 or 10,900 VIP points. 

There’s alot of big guaranteed tournaments to choose from on Sundays, but we don’t think any of them provide this good value.  For a $109 buy-in, you’ll compete with around 340 other players for a top prize of over $11,000!  When you consider the tournament overlay alone is over $10,000, plus take into account the soft competition, the $50,000 Guaranteed starts to look exceptionally good value for money.  A hefty buy-in yes, but you only need to come in the top 50 out of 340 players to triple you entry fee (200% ROI).  
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  • Carbon Poker: $5,000 Guaranteed, Saturday @ 13:00.  Buy-in: $33 or 3,300 VIP points

This tournament is another gem from Carbon Poker.  It runs with the softest competition tournament you’ll find for $33.  Carbon Poker’s $5,000 Guaranteed also has a great regular overlay to add value to registrants.  We think these are the type of tournaments Carbon Poker loses money  at in order to attract new players. 
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  • PokerStars: Daily $30,000 Guaranteed @ 14:00 ET.  Buy-in $11

While PokerStars tends to provide the toughest opponents in online tournaments, we decided this game was worth a try because of its extraordinary value and cheap entry fee.  Carbon Poker run a daily $3,000 guaranteed for the same buy-in, which shows just how good value this tournament is.  When you’re guaranteed a $30,000 prizepool you know you’ll be in for a show!
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  • Titan Poker: $4,000 Guaranteed, Monday-Friday @ 18:45 GMT, Buy-in $22

This GP freezeout tournament runs every week day and offers another easy-to-win great value MTT.  The competition is pretty weak, but the overall software and fact you can play this same tournament 5 times a week means you can practice, improve and try again the very next day.
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  • Party Poker : $1,000 Daily Guaranteed @ 9:30 ET.  Buy-in $2 & $1,500 Guaranteed Re-buy @ 22:30 ET.  Buy in $1

This is a great tournament for low stake players and beginners.  These two tournaments offer a solid prize pool and fishy entrants to compete with.   Sign up to Party Poker with a $500 Bonus!

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