MTT Strategy

The SAGE Heads Up Poker System

The SAGE System in Heads Up Poker

Say you manage to get to the final table of a large field MTT and get into a heads up situation.  It can be a pretty difficult situation to master especially when your stack is only 10BBs deep.

But what if I told about a … more

Double Barrelling in MTTs

Firing the second bullet in MTTs is more important than ever before.  Why?  Because MTTs and online poker in general has become a much more aggressive and difficult game.  Players have adapted to aggression and will be calling c-bets much more lightly, or even with the intent to float you … more

How to Play Low Pocket Pairs in MTTs

How to Play Low Pocket Pairs in MTTs

Pocket deuces to sixes are the type of hands that TAGs like Harrington suggest you should only play from position.  But, catching a set with these hands, it is the easiest way to double your chips and trap a deep stack with 100+BBs.  … more


About MTT ROI (Return on Invesment)

Poker players measure their success in MTTs by ROI (Return on Investment). This is calculated by averaging your net MTT profit divided by your entry fees x 100 to give a percentage. For example, if you’ve played 10x$10 buy-in MTTs and made a total profit … more

Turbo vs Regular Tournaments

Regular or Turbo Games?

There are lots of different versions of turbo tournaments that have become extremely popular in a short space of time.  I guess it all kicked off with Stars turbo games a few years ago.  Nowadays, almost every poker site is running turbos.  Even super turbo MTTs are starting to … more

How to Play Broadway Cards in Tournaments

About Playing Broadway Cards MTTs

Face cards (aka Broadways) can be very attractive pre-flop, but they can do serious damage to your chip stack if you don’t release at the right time.  So-called “Broadway” hands are those that contain any two cards with a value of 10 or above, but not … more

Tips for Raising Pre-Flop in Tournaments

Even the most basic and landed of  MTT players should know which of their hands to call pre-flop raises with in MTTs, but knowing whether or not to open pots and how to deal with 3betting/4betting is much tricker.   As a general outline, I’d be looking for a VPIP%/PRF% of 12/8 in the early … more

TAG vs LAG in Poker Tournaments

Advantages and Disadvantage of TAG vs LAG in MTTs

In my previous article I outlined the differences between how a TAG and LAG players approach tournaments differently.  This involved a distinction in starting hands/3betting ranges and different strategies for limping, stealing and defending the blinds.

In this article, I want to cover … more

TAG vs LAG Tournament Strategy

How to Classify TAGs and LAGs in Tournaments

In poker tournaments there are two common types of strategies you can deploy – TAG (tight aggressive) and LAG (loose aggressive).  Each of these styles comes with advantages and disadvantages. The style you adopt will basically determine your starting hand ranges, 3betting range and shoving ranges from different positions.   … more

Calling 3Bet Shoves in MTTs

Knowing when to Call a 3bet Shove in an MTT Pre-Flop

You’ll be faced with loads of situations in tournaments where you make an open-raise/call and someone shoves all-in from late position.  Here you’re faced with a decision: to call or to fold.  Things to take into account before making a decision … more

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