MTT Strategy

Shoving from Early Position in a Tournament

Early Position Shoving in Tournaments: 

Shoving all-in pre-flop is a common approach to accumulating chips, either to steal the blinds or for value.   Most pre-flop shoves take place in mid-late position because this is whereit is most effective – less players will call and you have better information on your opponents.  

However, shoving all-in … more

Blind Stealing in Tournaments

Blind Stealing in Poker Tournaments

In tournaments one of the most important agressive tactics is blind-stealing.   Players should take many factors into account to blind-steal correctly, including table position, opponents, your chip stack, tournament stage, the M-factor and your cards. 

Fold equity is very important because you don’t want your opponent to call you … more

Poker Tournament Lessons 1

Poker Tournament Lessons:

Hello everyone and welcome to our poker tournament lessons section!  This series of poker tournament lessons will give you short lessons and tips on how to play poker tournaments successfully.

Editor’s Note:

Before we get started with our poker tournament lessons we recommend you sign up to the best tournament … more

Poker Tournament Strategy Books

The Best Poker Tournament Strategy Books:

Harrington on Hold ’em Volume 1 – 3 by Dan Harrington

   – Geared towards no-limit hold’em tournament

   – Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert advice 9/10

About the Author – Dan Harrington:

Dan Harrington is the reverant god father of poker tournament strategy. He has pioneered three of the most … more

Playing Poker Tournaments to Win

Playing Poker Tournaments to Win

In many online poker tournaments you will have to come first place (i.e. win) to get the rewards.  This is mostly the case for satellite tournaments at online poker sites, where only the winner gets the live event package worth $10,000 for example.  The Runner-up might … more

Poker Tournament Myths

Poker Tournament Myths:

Myths carry the potential to traduce facts and discourage certain activities.  Along with the advent of the internet, a simple myth or rumour can go a long way.  In this article I get angry and try to rectify the biggest poker tournament myths that have surrounded the game.

Poker … more

Making EV Decisions in MTTs

Making +EV Decisions in Poker Tournaments

Poker is a game of incomplete information, and in every tournament we are faced with decisions to risk our stacks in the hope of getting extra chips.  Whether it’s for value-shoving or re-stealing, we should always consider EV and our estimatation of our opponents hand range … more

Scenarios to Accumulate Chips in Poker Tournaments

Situations to Accumulate Chips in Poker Tournaments

Players who accumulate the most chips in poker tournaments will win.  But how do we know what are good spots (+EV) for stealing chips in tournaments?  In this article I will go over some common stealing scenarios which present good opportunities for picking up extra chips.

The Pre-Flop Limper

Lots … more

Negreanu Poker Tournament Tips

Daniel Negreanu Poker Tournament Tips & Strategy

Dainel Negreanu is one of the world’s leading tournament poker players with 4 WSOPs and 2 WPT championships.  The Canadian (now US-naturalised citizen) PokerStars Pro has often spoken about what it takes to win poker tournaments, specifically about taking down the WSOP and utilising tournament … more

Bet Sizing in Poker Tournaments

How Much to Bet in Poker Tournaments?

The biggest mistake new players/cash table swingers make is their bet sizing in poker tournaments.  Beginners tend to make quite random bet sizes that don’t necessarily have any clear motive or rational.  For cash game players their problem is that they’re accustomed to cash game bet-sizes – which … more

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