Heads Up Strategy

Super Turbo Heads Up SNG Strategy

Super Turbo Heads Up Sng’s

This style of heads up is one that has a great deal of variance and one that is more risky than a turbo heads up. In this style of heads up you start off with 1/3rd of the stack, or something like 500 chips, and there … more

Turbo Heads Up SNG Strategy

How to Play Turbo Heads up Sit and Goes

When playing a heads up sit and go there are things to take in to account. You can figure these things out in the first couple hands of the heads up most of the time. To start off, with small blinds and … more

The SAGE Heads Up Poker System

The SAGE System in Heads Up Poker

Say you manage to get to the final table of a large field MTT and get into a heads up situation.  It can be a pretty difficult situation to master especially when your stack is only 10BBs deep.

But what if I told about a … more

HU Short Stack Strategy

Heads Up Tournament Strategy – A Guide to Short Stack Play

Looking to improve your heads up tournament play? We’ve got useful tips for upping your win rate in HU situations. The following article focuses on heads-up situations with shallow stacks, a particularly difficult situation for newer players.

Be Prepared … more

Heads Up Poker Tournaments

Heads Up Poker Tournaments

Heads Up tournaments, also known as “HUTs” are fairlynew in online poker.   They can be very profitable against heads up nits and those with little experience.  There isn’t a single version of poker that lets you exploit weak passive players as much as HUTs do.  Grinding money against … more

Small Stack Strategy Heads Up

An Inconvenient Truth About Small Stack Strategy:

When your small stack in heads up you’re in an extremely unfortunate position. Whether you optimize small stack strategy or not, you’re still more likely to lose the match then inveigle your way back into the hot seat playing perfectly.

Maths of Small Stack HU

Realistically, … more

Big Stack Heads Up Strategy

Big Stack Strategy for Heads Up Play

Being the big stack in any SNG or MTT heads up final is the best position to be in.  Although playing aggressively is the general requirements for succeeding in tournaments and SNGs; when playing heads up your strategy should largely depend on your stack … more

Heads Up Strategy for SNGs and MTTs

About Playing Heads Up:

Heads up SNGs are extremely profitable for good players who have the ability to read opponents quickly.  Unfortunately many poker players avoid HU games because they’re intimidated by them and don’t like the risks, however I strongly recommend these because of how easy it is to make money, especially … more