Super Turbo Heads Up SNG Strategy

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Super Turbo Heads Up Sng’s

This style of heads up is one that has a great deal of variance and one that is more risky than a turbo heads up. In this style of heads up you start off with 1/3rd of the stack, or something like 500 chips, and there is a faster blinds structure. You will start with 500 chips and 10/20 chip blinds on a site like full tilt. The best way to play these heads ups is with a great deal of patience. Often, one hand will come along and win the match for you. If you start getting too reckless with your stack throwing chips in pots you shouldn’t be, then this one hand, if it does come along, will not get you the victory.

The play before the flop from the button should be either fold, limp, or raise. The majority of the hands you play should be limped from the button. The reason you should limp in tournaments is so that your opponent has no clue what your hand is and you are in position after the flop. Most players at the lower limits will raise and then fold after their opponent shoves in. This play of raising with weak hands isn’t profitable at all. You will be bleeding chips away and if they decide to trap you; they will have more of your chips at the end of the hand. Limping in from the button does allow you to control the betting after the flop and the streets to follow. It also lets you win pots with less risk of losing chips. If you do happen to hit the flop you are now in position and can manipulate your opponent accordingly.

If you happen to limp in and your opponent checks the flop and the turn to you; regardless of your hand, you should be able to bet and win the pot on the turn. There are certain situations as the blinds go up where you can pick up pots and chips. When you pick up a big pair you want to get the most value for your hand.

If you are in the big blind you should be trapping your opponent with big hands. The idea is to get the most in every spot you can before and after the flop. Just calling sometimes can be the best play or making a small raise. If you start to shove all-in, the variance can get higher and you will have to get lucky in spots.

Also, if you just go all-in with big pairs you are losing value for your hand. They will have to get a big hand like yours for them to call and this is not the case all that often. As the blinds hit the 3rd or 4th blind level you will have to start moving in with weaker hands, but the best idea in this style of heads up is to get your opponent to put their chips in with the worst hand, and you with the best hand. If you can manipulate pots for your opponent to shove in weaker then you will win more times than not.

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