Turbo Heads Up SNG Strategy

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How to Play Turbo Heads up Sit and Goes

When playing a heads up sit and go there are things to take in to account. You can figure these things out in the first couple hands of the heads up most of the time. To start off, with small blinds and both players having deep stacks, you should try to put some pressure on your opponents’ blinds before the flop. This is one thing to do early in a match because you will see how your opponent reacts to pre-flop aggression. If they react by re-raising you then you can be sure to wait for hands later in the match to win it. If they just call; then most of the time you can continuation bet and win the pot on the flop.

The hand ranges to play in a turbo heads up are pretty wide depending on your opponent. The flow of the game should determine what hands you should play in certain situations. When the blinds start to get bigger you should be applying more and more pressure on your opponent whether it be from the button or from the big blind. The hands to play in these spots generally could be two cards above an eight or king or ace high, but they are not limited to these hands. It all depends on the opponent you are playing. You will have to make adjustments depending on your reads.

When the blinds get bigger, for example; 50-100 blinds with 1500 in chips, this is the time to start shoving all-in. This time in a match is the later stage and point of a match where the biggest swing in chip stacks will occur. By this time in the match you know your opponent well; and know what they should be capable of doing given certain opportunities. Your opponent as well as you should be shoving your stack a great deal at this point in the heads up match. There are different plays though besides just going all-in. Limping in with these blinds is something you can do if you feel you are better than your opponent. The reason to limp in is to take the pot on the flop. If you can do this with some success then you should continue to do it. If your opponent starts to shove to your limps then you should start either shoving or just folding before the flop. When you get big hands however you want your opponent to shove in before the flop, so, you should make a minimum raise or a smaller raise before the flop to induce a shove. The time to make raises is when you have hands that you are never folding before the flop. These hands are almost all pairs above fours or fives, and AK, or AQ. With these hands this is when you can make a raise before the flop. To shove with these types of hands loses some value because they can only call with hands like the ones you have. You would have to cooler them to win the pot most of the time.

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