Steps Poker Tournaments

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About Steps Tournaments:

Steps tournaments have been cropping up in online poker lately and are one of the most exciting and best ways of making alot of money with a small bankroll. 

Steps tournaments entail a series of singe-table games where the winners get promoted up a “step” in satellite-type structure.  Players can buy-in to steps tournaments at different levels (the higher the level, the bigger the buy-in).  Most of the time there are 5 steps in total, with the winner of the last step winning a massive cash prize or expensive live tournament package: perhaps a WSOP or EPT seat for example. 

The entry fee in the first step at poker sites is usually about $1-$3 – thus even players with small bankroll can progress up the ranks and earn a big payday!

Best Steps Tournaments –

UB Info: Get Your $1,100 Bonus!

Without question, UB is the number one poker site for Steps tournaments and satellites.  UB’s steps tournaments have 10 steps in total.  Step 1 only costs $0.10c to enter, making the Steps tournaments at UB the cheapest and best-value to enter.

To progress up a step at UB you have to either win or come 2nd in the sit-and-go tournament.  This continues all the way up to the 10th step, where the winner receives the promotional package for that period (usually an expensive live tournament seat).

What we love most about UB’s steps tournaments, is that unlike other rooms, if you fail to finish 1st or 2nd you simply move down step rather than being eliminated from the competition altogether.  If you finish 3rd you repeat the same step, and if you finish below this you move down a step.  The fact that you can have repeat attempts at the same level is one of the reasons we recommend steps tournaments at UB.  You get better value for money, plus you get free experience playing the games!  Read our steps tournament strategy to maximise your success!

Buy-in for UB’s Steps Tournament Structure:

Step 1=.10
Step 2=.30
Step 3=$1
Step 4=$3
Step 5=$10
Step 6=$30
Step 7=$90
Step 8=$250
Step 9=$750
Step 10=$2250

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