Knockout Bounty Tournaments

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Knockout Bounty Tournaments:

Bounty tournaments have a special bounty on each player’s head given to the player who knocks him out.  The bounty is a percentage of each players buy-in (usually 10 – 50%).  This results in manical agression, swings and outrageous calls which makes knockout bounty games extremely exciting to railbird and play in.  The rest of your buy-in goes towards the main prizepool as usual. 

When you knock a player out, you receive his bounty.  As an example, in a $10 buy-in knockout bounty tournament where there is a $1 bounty on each player’s head, you will receive at least $10 if you successfully knockout 10 players during the game.  In summary knockout bounty tournaments can be extremely fun and profitable and we recommend playing them at the poker sites that offer them below!  (See bounty tournament strategy for tips on playing bounty tournments).

Best Site for Kockout Bounty Tournaments: Carbon Poker

Bonus: $600 Bonus

Carbon poker is my favourite place to play knockout bounty tournaments.  Caron run an excellent schedule of low stakes daily bounty tournaments from $2, $5, $20 buy-ins and you can also play them in popular Sng structure.   Carbon’s bounty tournaments are available in turbo as well as regular MTT structure – with 2,500 starting chips.  You should play bounty tournaments at Carbon because the players are very poor and will shove all-in with pretty very weak hands and in the wrong situations.  This makes the bounty tournaments way more profitable here!   Carbon Poker also run great-value overlay tournaments in the Gtd tournaments section – brilliant to earn a big ROI!

Full Tilt Poker

Bonus: $600 Bonus

For even bigger and meaner knockout bounty tournaments why not try Full Tilt Poker.  Full Tilt Poker specialises in high stakes knockout bounty events and action.  Every Friday Full Tilt runs “Friday Fight Night”, a massive $75k $535 buy-in event where even Full Tilt Pro’s such as Chris “Jesus” Ferguson ocasionally get involved.  A special $5k Sweat Tournament at 20:05 ET is run simultaneously for players railbirding the main event.  Each Sweat tournament is a knockout tournament with a $10+$1 buy-in, of which $2 will go to the bounty.  If you and your chosen pro manage to win both your knockout tourneys, than Full Tilt will give you a free $535 ticket to the next main knockout event!

Full Tilt Poker’s FTOPS and Mini-FTOPS series frequently contain massive knockout bounty tournaments with buy-ins beyond $100.

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