Cash Game Strategy

Blocking Bet

What is a Blocking Bet?

A blocking bet is an advanced move in no limit holdem for when you are out of position and want to see the next card cheaply.

Sometimes when you are out of position and first-to-act you know that if you check to an agressive opponent he will … more

Fold Equity

What is Fold Equity?

Fold equity is used to calculate the likelihood of folding someone off a pot when you raise.  It can be expressed as either a percentage or a decimal point.

For example let’s say we have QJ and our opponent has AK on a QQA board.  Our opponent raises out … more

How to Play AK on a Missed Flop?

Playing AK on a Missed Flop

AK is a really tricky hand to play after you miss the flop. A big proportion of players will overplay and over value these hands, or even start building pots and bluffing in the wrong tables positions which is extremely dangerous. However, most of the … more

Table Selection Cash Games

Game Selection in NL Holdem

A lot’s been said of game selection in online poker i.e. choosing which tables you enter and I agree with this point. Below I’ll tell you the all things you should be looking out for in good table selection.

Firstly, in the ring game lobby you can … more

Common NL Texas Holdem Mistakes

A List of Common NL Texas Holdem Mistakes

I don’t think I’ve ever witnessed a cash player below NL200 who doesn’t have cracks in his game. I’ve found that up to NL100 you can see a number of common errors and bad mistakes from players at these levels. I’ll outline the most common leaks … more

The Check-Raise in No Limit Holdem

The Check Raise No Limit Hold’em

Lots of opportunities present themselves to out-wit your opponent, and the check-raise bluff is one of the best examples.  This is when you check a hand to feign weakness, wait for your opponent to raise, and then hit back at your opponent with a re-raise.

Example … more

No Limit Starting Hands

No Limit Holdem Starting Hands

Starting hands are the most important thing you’ll need to learn in poker.  These are the type of hands that you should consider playing  pre-flop and a lot of factors should help make these decision.  Things such as your table position, stack sizes and table image are extremely important.  This … more

Tournaments vs Cash Games

Why Tourneys are Better than Ca$h Games

Although this is perhaps bias central when it comes to rating tournaments over cash games, the following article will tell you why playing tournaments trumps cash games.

Tournaments are the Most Popular Form of Poker

Firstly, let’s look at the history of online poker to begin … more

How to Play Aces (Pocket Rockets)

How to Trap with Aces

Pocket Aces, otherwise known as pocket rockets, bullets and American airlines are the best preflop hand available in the game.  Your statistically way ahead of any drawing hands and are virtually 85% favourite against any other pocket.  This article will provide players the strategy and tips … more

Common Reads in Online Poker

Common Reads in Online Poker

The term ‘read’ is shrouded in ambiguity. Here, we hope to help define what constitutes a read, by providing a list of fundamental / typical reads.

 Key read 1 – villains that overplay top pair, top kicker: A lot of fishy, SSNL villains in particular have problems … more

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