Cash Game Strategy

Using a Poker HUD

Poker HUD

When you play poker at live brick and mortar casinos there are many clues and give aways for making better reads on players at the table.  You can study facial expressions and nervous twitches, or you might simply know how a regular at the cash tables plays.

However in online … more

Range Balancing

What is Range Balancing?

Poker is getting tougher and tougher, and when you move up the stakes in 6-max cash games then you’ll need to incorporate more skills and moves into your arsenal.  Bluff-raising or 3betting light for example is pretty common for NL100 but not so much at NL25.  This … more

Moving up the Stakes in Poker

Moving up the Stakes in No Limit Holdem 

Knowing when you’re ready to move up the stakes in cash games from $0.25/$0.50 to $0.5/$1 or whatever is something everyone faces at some point.  Especially at the lower levels, where it’s easier to be at the top earning a higher bb/100 win-rate, … more

Float Play

Float Play in Texas Holdem

The definition of float play is calling a raise with nothing, in the hopes of catching a hand or bluffing our opponent on a later street to take down the pot.  I think it’s fair to say that in the modern world of poker float play … more

Chasing Straight Draws

Chasing Straight Draws

Chasing straight draws is great in No Limit Holdem especially when you’ve got the open-ended nuts, however the theory and logica behind them is more coplex than it seems. There’s much more to take into account than just pot and implied odds.  You need to be thinking about future … more

Playing Agressive in No Limit Holdem

When to Play Agressive in No Limit Holdem?

There are many different styles when it comes to Texs Holdem, all the pros have a unique way of playing from the tight conservative image of Harrington to the loose aggressive tactics of Hellmuth.  You can win chips with different styles of play, … more

What is 3Betting Light

Explanation of 3Betting Light

What Does 3Betting Light Mean?   3Betting without premium hands.

Most of you will already be aware of 3betting in texas holdem.  In normal cash games we only do this with our strongest hands such as AA or AK.  However an increasingly common play in the high stakes game is … more

Double Barelling

Double Barrel Bluffing Tips

In No Limit Holdem you’ll often have to bluff twice on two consecutive streets to win a hand, this is known as double barelling.  It’s a more complicated and risky move than a continuation bet because it requires committing more chips and a  reallygood read on your opponent.  This is … more

Calculating Win-Rate in Cash Games

How to Calculate Win Rate in NL Texas Holdem

Once you become a winning player you to need to be able to calculate your profits.  This is so you can compare your win-rate with others and it also helps you know when it’s time to move up the stakes (or down).

A … more


Tips for Set-Mining in NL Holdem

Set-Mining = Playing pocket pairs pre-flop hoping to catch a set on the flop.

Set mining is a favourite past-time for a lot of players in NL Holdem and its very obvious why. It’s extremely exciting waiting to catch that set on the flop, and to … more

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