Tournament Shark Review

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Tournament Shark Review

>Price: $69.99 or $7.95 per Month

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Verdict: 9/10

Tournament Shark is live tracking software specifically developed for tournaments. As well as a HUD, Tournament Shark automatically reviews the quality of opponents at your table including how many MTTs they’ve played, final table finishes, past tournaments, ROI% and ITM%.

Tournament Shark Review

The best thing about Tournament Shark is that automatically profiles all of the players at your table based on their previous tournament experiences. This avoids having to manual search players players for information Poker Player Ranking or An information box shows each player’s average MTT profits, win/loss, ROI%, E%, L% and more. To make things incredibly simple, Tournament Shark lets you identify the sharks from the fish using a “2 to A” classification system. High stakes winning players wil be marked with an Ace, where as losing streak players with no major wins will be labeled “2”.

TS comes with a HUD (Heads Up Display) that displays an overlay of information next to each player just like Poker Tracker or Holdem Manager would. This is incredibly helpful for picking out weak players or avoiding the pros towards the later stages of the game.

The types of statistics Tournament Shark displays are extensive. You can customise exactly which you want including VPIP (Flop Percentage), PFR (Pre-Flop Raises), 3Bet%, 4Bet%, Fold to 3bet%, cBet%, Aggression and more… All these are incredibly important. VPIP (voluntary puts in pot) for example, identifies whether a player is LAG or TAG and how loose they enter pots. And, if I know someone has a low 3Bet% then I know they are conservative players who consistently 3bet with high strength hands.

I can think of hundreds of other situations where TS would be incredibly useful. Imagine for instance, that you’re sat on the blinds with 10-10 and someone from the cutoff tries stealing an un-raised pot. With the RFI (Raised First In) figure you can work out his likely range of hands and how often he steals open-raises from similar positions on an un-raised board.

The price is very cheap too. After the free trial expires, at $69.99 it is cheaper than Holdem Manager, Poker Edge and Poker Office ($99) combined or you can pay just $8/month.


This is the best MTT-focused software on the market. It offers the best HUD’s for tournaments, and thousands of other players are already using it and recommending it.

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