How to Qualify for SuperNova Elite Status in MTTs

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How to Qualify for Super Nova Elite Playing MTTs at PokerStars

As the world’s biggest poker site with more than a 3:1 ratio of cash players to their rival site Full Tilt Poker, PokerStars natural offers the most lucrative and exciting VIP Rewards Club.

However at the top of PokerStars VIP ladder is the holy of holies, aka SuperNova Elite.

SuperNova Elite is the highest VIP status that you can earn at PokerStars.  In fact, it is so hard and difficult to achieve this status that many professional poker players make it their life’s ambition to achieve SuperNova Elite status.  In 2010, only around 100 players manage to qualify for SuperNova Elite.

What Makes SuperNova Elite so Special?

It’s a good question – no self-preserving man would spend every single day grinding 20 tables at high stakes just to qualify for a VIP club that didn’t really have great benefits.  But SuperNova Elite isn’t just another VIP club; it’s the most rewarding club status in online poker.

To begin with, all players who qualify for PokerStars Super Nova Elite will receive a guaranteed $100,000 in rakeback (made up through various cash rewards).  This means that as long as you manage to rake up 1,000,000 VIP Player Points (FPPs) in a single year from January 1st to December 31st, you’ll receive a guaranteed payout of $100,000.  Win or lose overall in the cash games, you get paid.

Super Nova Elite players also receive a free ticket to the WCOOP Main Event.  The WCOOP Main Event is a high stakes $5,000 buy-in online tournament with a massive $12 million prizepoool.  The Main Event pays 1st place more than $2 million in cash prizes.  Last year’s WCOOP Main Event received just under 2,500 entrants.  Many of these entrants are top online pros such as Chris Moorman and Joe Sebok, so you’ll also get a chance to play against the best pros online in one of the biggest, most anticipated tournaments.

Other rewards and special promotions that Super Nova Elite status earns players includes exclusive entry into weekly $30,000 GTD tournaments (100 FTP buy-in), Monthly $100,000 Freerolls at the end of each month, cash rewards, discounts on live seats to events including EPT, NAPT, LAPT and APPT tours, and entry to $1 million tournaments every quarter.

You’ll also be able to purchase exclusive Super Nova Elite merchandise in the PokerStars Online Store.

How to Qualify for Super Nova Elite by Playing MTTs

In order to qualify for PokerStars Super Nova Elite you need to earn a minimum of 1 million VPPs (VIP Player Points) within a single year starting from January 1st.

VPPs can be earned in both cash games, SNGs and MTTs.  You receive 5.5 VPPs per each $1 paid in tournament fees.  For example, if you play a $10 + $1 tournament than you’ll receive 5.5 VPPs.

Earning 1 million VPPs within a year through tournaments is hard, though not impossible.  The major factor stopping most players from achieving this is that you need to be able to afford the mid-high stakes MTTs to be able to earn enough VPPs.

In order to earn 1 million VPPs per year, you need to earn on average 83,500 VPPs per month, or even 21,000 per week.  If we realistically say that you only play 5 days per week (this will obviously include Sundays) than that’s an average of 4,000 VPPs per day give or take a few.

This means spending at least $727 on tournament fees which would amount to registering for $7,000 in tournament buy-ins per day,

So there you go ladies and gentleman.  If you really want to qualify for PokerStars Super Nova Elite playing MTTs than you’re going to need to register for up to $7,000 in tournament buy-ins per day during the course of the year!

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