PokerStars Sunday Million Satellites

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About the Sunday Million: PokerStars

The PokerStars Sunday Million tournament is the largest weekly online poker tournament.  The Sunday Million has a guaranteed prizepool of $1.5 milllion, a 1st place prize worth more than $180,00 and it attracts over 7,000 players each week.  This means the prizepool is often higher than $1.5 million.  The PokerStars Sunday Million tournament starts at 16:30 ET every Sunday.  In order to register for the tournament, you’ll need to download PokerStars and the tournament in the PokerStar lobby. Beware however that you’ll be playing a good 9-10 hours if you make the final table!

The Sunday Million is a favorite among tournament players because of its slow blind level and deep stack structure.  Blinds increase every 15 minutes and players receive 10,000 starting chips.  Because the blinds start at just 25/50 with longer blind levels, players can pace themselves and get more value against nits then they would in a turbo tournaments.  The top 15% of entrants are paid, and the winner of the tournament receives around $180,000.Sunday.

PokerStars Sunday Million Satellites

PokerStars ensure every player at their room can qualify through satellites to the Sunday Million and sneak a chance at the $1.5 million prizepool. Satellite tournaments literally run around the clock daily, with satellite tournaments available at a range of  buy-ins starting from $2.20 up to $70.  For every $215 in the prizepool PokerStars awards one entry to the Sunday Million.

The $11.70 Double Shootout Turbo Satellites

These are the most popular and regularly run Sunday Million MTT Satellites.  2 Sunday Million seats are guaranteed in these events, with an average of 20 players.  You can play these games just like an STT until you get to the last 5 players.

The $39 Sunday Million Satellites

Unlike the $11 turbo, this game is much better suited to skilled tournament players who enjoy a slower format.  For every 6 entrants a seat to the Sunday Million is added to the prizepool.  Starting chips are 1500 and blind levels increase every 15 minutes.

Free FPP Satellites

You can use your PokerStars Frequent Player Points by entering this 5,400 FPP 6 max sit and go tournament.  This is great because once 6 players have registered the top two win a seat to the Sunday Million.  Players start with 500 chips (25/50) and blinds increase every 3 minutes.  Another great feature is 3rd place gets his FPPs back (meaning you only need to finish top 50% to not lose anything!).

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