Life of an Internet Poker Player

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Study the Life a Professional Internet Poker Player

Internet poker is somewhat different than offline poker. Apart from the obvious differences that in internet poker a player finds it much harder to pick up tells from a player, playing professional internet poker is different to playing it professionally offline.

A typical day of an internet poker player will consist of first of all them waking up whenever they want. This is a perk of being a professional poker player, the games are always available and unless an internet poker pro is trying to enter a specific tournament they can go to bed late and wake up late whenever they wish. That being said in order to make a living from internet poker players are required to play a number of hands each day to keep their profit up.

How much does an Internet Poker Player Earn?

Making money as a professional internet poker player really depends on the stakes they play. For instance an internet poker professional playing $2/$4 stakes online could be making up to 200k a year if they are taking advantage of bonuses and rake back. This is just the beginning, as winning players move up stakes the rewards become greater and they start to see higher returns on their cash. It can safely be said that cash game internet players are able to make much more than tournament player internet professionals. This is because there are not high enough stakes regular tournaments that can compete with the high stakes cash games that are run in live and internet poker.

Internet poker cash game professionals will easily clock close to a million if not over a million hands in each year. Not only does this huge amount of hands play means that the results at the end are not really too dependant on luck. It also means that they get a lot of practice in each year. It is frequently said by internet poker cash game professionals that the player playing the most poker is generally the best player at the time.

Internet tournament players have to keep to scheduling a lot more. There are important tournaments that an internet poker professional should enter each weak due to the low competition and big profits to be made. Some of these tournaments include the Sunday Million on PokerStars as well as the Sunday Million Warm up. Full Tilt Poker also offer a number of tournaments on a Sunday and internet poker pros tend to play the 1k buy in tournament on Mondays which is a slightly harder field to get through. Tournament poker players can expect to receive around a 10% return on their investment for every buy in they enter.

Opportunities to Get Sponsored

Being a professional internet poker player doesn’t stop there. If a player plays somewhere for a while and is quite successful they have the opportunity to get sponsored. Sponsorships differ on a case by case basis and will range from custom rake back deals and prizes to tournament entries and travel expenses paid depending on the success of the internet professional poker player. For instance Joe Cada who hit it big in the poker world but originally was a big internet poker player was offered a 1 million pound deal from PokerStars even before he won the main event. This 1 Million pound sponsorship deal paid for travel expenses and tournament entries around the world. It is very common for the bigger name internet poker players to receive comps from internet poker sponsors. 

What most poker players underestimate is the amount of time that goes into being an internet poker professional. They have to play around 7 to 8 hours a day to stay on top of there game and the real greats will play much more than that. Any professional internet poker player will tell you that they have played for over 24 hour stints of solid poker. This is not uncommon and internet poker professionals really do live breath and eat poker at all times. Like any profession it is a grind and it is often said to be the hardest way to earn an easy living.

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