Professional Poker Player Sponsorship Scheme

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Click Here to Get Sponsored to Play Poker with a Free Bankroll – after clicking here, follow the ‘get sponsored’ link to apply for a professional poker sponsorship.  Please ignore the ‘refferal code’.

During the scheme, you’ll be reviewed by a team of poker professionals and analysts over a 4-6 week period. After this, you’ll be told whether you’ve been accepted into the scheme (usually only requires you to break even over the short period).

What Bankroll can I Expect to Get from This Deal

If you’re considered a profitable poker player, you can expect to receive a free bankroll worth between $50 – $500 per day. The actual amount depends on how good a player you are, and in this poker sponsorship scheme particularly, the amount you are bankrolled will go up with time – if you remain profitable.

What is a Poker Sponsorship?

When you get sponsored to play poker, essentially you are given a free bankroll by someone who is investing in you as an online player. Profits are (usually) split 50/50, with the investor taking all the risk, allowing you not have to risk your own money.


This poker sponsorship deal being offered is available to all players who visit our site. In order to pariticpate in the sponsorship scheme, simply click Here and follow the ‘get sponsored’ instructions (Please ignore the refferal code, this isn’t relvevant).

4 Responses to “Professional Poker Player Sponsorship Scheme”

  1. martin alaniz says:

    I’m gonna b3 playin at choctaw casino in Oklahoma Jan 19-24 wanted to see if u would sponser me with 1000 dollars and I will display your website thanks let me kno

  2. james knoles says:

    ill play anytime anywhere! especially las vegas. set it up ill knock em down..

  3. Simon Baker says:

    Hi there,

    My name’s Simon Baker and I’m writing this email for a proposed proposition. 

    I am a poker player from the North East of England and I’ve qualified for the GUKPT a grand Final held at the Vic in London. It’s a £2,500 buy in event!

    I’m looking for the possibility of some sort of promotional one off sponsorship. The buy in and registration fee I have already won as part of a satellite via the Grosvenor Casino through a online poker competition, in which 122 players battled for one seat. I was lucky enough to be the winner and claim this seat. 

    Potentially, I’m looking to cover my travel cost (train ticket) and accommodation for 4 days, in return form wearing any of your companies branding. In regards to the accommodation, I don’t mind where I am staying as this is purely a poker venture. However this is open to negotiation.

    I have checked with the Grosvenor Casino and I have no restrictions in this matter. 

    If you’re interested, or have any advice on who to contact, please email me. 

    Thank you for your time in reading this email. 

    Kind Regards

    Simon Baker

  4. Joe Cocker says:

    Simon – – I am open to providing you 500 euro to wear a hat that says THIS SPACE FOR RENT, a dog collar around your neck, as well as a t shirt with an arrow pointing to the side that reads I’M WITH STUPID.

    Consider this against any other offers you might receive and let me know. I’ll bet that you go for it….