Professional Student Poker Players’ Bio (Part 1)

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andre roblAndrew Robl

Andrew Robl started his campaign to success after watching Chris Moneymaker win the main event in 2003. The 25 year old began playing with friends in his dad basement at just the $.25/.50 level.  After making it into college poker Andrew started to play the $100 sit and goes on Party Poker. After partying in college and managing to make several thousand dollars a month playing sit and goes Andrew decided to drop out of college and move to Vegas with his friends. Andrew quickly built up the infamous screen name on Party Poker “good2cu” to be recognised as one of the best players in the game. Recent tournament cashes include over 100k in the mixed holdem WSOP buy in event in 2008 as well as many other cashes achieving him a total of over 400k in live tournament winnings to date. Student poker players may also have seen Andrew on the Aussie Millions Omaha cash game where he famously outdrew Pratrick Antonious with less than a 1% chance.


tom dwanTom Dwan

Tom Dwan is one of the most feared names in poker. Known as durr online, the young poker professional was born on July the 30th 1986. Tom started to play poker as a student in 2004 with just a $50 deposit on Full Tilt Poker and never redeposited. Dwan started out playing low stakes sit and goes but quickly realised that cash games were his forte. Dwan attended college shortly however quickly dropped out after he realised that his true calling was poker. Dwan is known for his relentless aggression and success. By 2008 Dwan’s bankroll had smashed the one million mark and now he regulary is seen playing 0.5/1k blinds. Dwan has been seen to play on the television show High Stakes Holdem and lost the largest pot on television ever against Barry Greenstein for well over 900k. Tom Dwan is more famously known for the heads up challenge that he issued to any player for 1 million dollars. He gave all players that accepted the challenge 3 to 1 odds in their favour and the challenge is to be player out through 50 thousand hands.


jimmy frickeJimmy Fricke:

Jimmy Fricke also known online as Gobboboy was born on April the 19th 1987 is another professional student poker player that had a brief fling with college before pursuing his professional career. The 22 year old dropped out of college in 2005 after finding success online in poker when he was just 17. At the age of 19 he started his campaign on the live poker scene and hit some quick success finishing 22nd at the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure and then finishes runner up after hitting an extraordinary run of cards at the Aussie Millions in 2007. Fricke also cashed in the 2007 HORSE event proving that this professional poker player is not just a one trick pony. Frick also held the record for a short amount of time for the youngest player ever to cash in the World Series of Poker.


peter eastgatePeter Eastgate

Many players will recognise the player Peter Eastgate as the 2008 world series of poker main event winner. Peter Eastgate was born in Dalum in Denmark on December the 13th 1985 and was introduced to poker through his classmates at school. He attended Aarhus University studying finance but like a lot of poker professionals dropped out to play the game full time. Eastgate had only been a full time professional since 2006 and only had a couple of live tournament money finishes including taking home over 46 thousand dollars in the 2007 Paddy Power Irish Open. After managing to satellite into the world series of poker main event in 2008 through a Ladbrokes satellite, Eastgate attended the event as part of team Ladbrokes but no one could predict his incredible run to win the main event taking home one of the largest prizes in the history of poker which was $9,152,146. Since winning Eastgate has been seen clashing heads with the best on High Stakes Holdem and other poker television shows.


david williamsDavid Williams

David Williams is first and foremost a Magic the Gathering player and is known as one of the best in the world. The young student poker professional was born in Texas on June the 9th 1980 and started playing poker in 1997 because he realised that he was never going to earn his living playing Magic. He first got into card games as he studied at the academy of math and science in Texas. Williams first hit it big in the poker scene with his massive second place finish in the 2004 world series of poker main event which netted him over 3.5 million in winnings. Since then Williams has been busy playing poker winning his first world series of poker bracelet in 2006 in the $1500 seven-card student event taking home over 163 thousand for that finish. Williams over the course of his poker player carrier now has over 6.3 million in live tournament winnings and this looks like it is only set to continue. Even through his success Williams continues to study at the Southern Methodist University.

jon junadaJohn Juanda

John Juanda is one of the older poker players in the young dominated scene today. Born on July the 8th 1971 the 38 years old graduated with a MBA from Seattle University while finding many hours spare to play poker. John became a professional student poker player in the 1990’s and since then he has made over 6.3 million dollars in live tournament winnings. You will also be able to find John regularly playing $25/$50 online at Full Tilt Poker. John has won four World Series of Poker bracelets which is a impressive record. The two largest of these bracelet wins include the 10k buy in for the world series of poker Europe main event which netted him a cool 1.6 million to take home. John is truely a expert of all forms of poker and will be regularly be found playing HORSE Pot Limit Omaha as well as Texas Holdem.

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