180 Man MTT Strategy

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180 man MTT Tournaments

180 man tournaments at Full Tilt Poker are very popular and profitable.  The main attraction of these games is that they only last 3-4 hours which means they are easier to cashout in than large guaranteed events.  Weak and new poker players play these games too which makes them even more profiable.  Below is a guide for 180 man MTTs.

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Early Stage 180 MTT

In the early stage, you want to play tight like a “turtle’s anus” – as quoted from a popular poker forum.  This includes raising your big hands, limping small pairs from position and only getting involved with suited connectors in late position (you require strong implied odds for these hands with many players in the pot).  You don’t need to worry about doubling up in the first few blind levels.  If you’re running low on chips and missing your big flops however than you will have to start taking bigger risks and adopt a LAG strategy.

Antes and Middle Stage

Once the antes kick in players will tighten up a notch and your first fold around the button is a good indication of this.  As the blinds increase towards the middle stages of the tournament you want to chip steal more from position, and raise more pots preflop (bluffing).  When you’re stealing, try to make a 3 BB raises minimum – this will make most people on your table fold.  Remember your preflop bluffs are going to be most successful in late position on a dry table.  If you’re table is really tight, a lot of the time you can be stealing from UTG + 1 (when you have the chips). 

Depending on the level of 180 MTT you’re playing (i.e. $3, $10, $20), you aggressive play will pay off much higher.  For low limit 180 MTTs you should be stealing a hell of a lot because most players are too stupid to realize.

Final Table in a 180 Man MTT

The final table is the trickiest part of 180 MTTs.  From 9th to 1st place, there is a huge difference in the payoff, and around 40% of the total prize pool goes to 1st, so you really need to make the most of the final table and HU.  Hopefully you’ll have a good grasp on the players at the final table (take notes), and you should really consider applying a re-raise or fold strategy here.  Avoid heady confrontations with big stacks if you’re below average, and focus on taking advantage of position much more.   It’s unlikely you’ll be able to limp at this stage, so either look to take the pot down preflop, or be prepared get your chips in the pot as early as possible with a good hand like AK or QQ.

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