Multi-Table Sit n Go Strategy

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Some players prefer multi table Sit n go tournaments because they offer a larger prizepool than regular sit n goes but are much shorter than regular MTTs.   The introduction of turbo sit n goes has also increased interested in these games because they are over much quicker and allow quality sit n go strategy players to earn more in a shorter space of time. 

The following article provides more detail about multi-table sit n go strategy.

Early Stage Sit n Go Strategy

You should only really be playing premium hands and entering the pot under the right circumstances.  The blinds in the first few levels in sit n goes are usually very small; which means there’s little implied value in aiming to see the flop purely to bluff it.

Any hands below A10 should be thrown away really.  Your starting hands in the early stage strategy sit n go includes A10 and over, pocket pairs, and if in late position consider playing high suited connectors such as QsJs.  Make sure you don’t get into any situations where you’re pot committed with a weak hand however.  This is why avoiding the flop with poor hands is so important – especially low ace hands.  These get new players into a lot of trouble early on in sit n goes when they hit top pair.  The problem is that they’re usually facing up against a much better kicker such as AQ – so their A7 doesn’t really stand a chance.

In turbo sit n go strategy, you should be making slightly riskier ploys and calling preflop raises with a greater range of starting hands.  This is because in turbo sit n go strategy you’ll get less hands to play before the blinds go up, which means whenever you think you have the best hand preflop or after the flop you should consider value shoving or going all in to gives yourself an advantage when the next blind level comes.

Middle Stage Sit n Go Strategy

Many of the poorer players who failed to adopt early sit n go strategy will usually be small stacked by now because they’ve played too many weak hands early on.

Hopefull you’ll have built your stack enough now to pressure the small stacks and control the pots.  The blind pressure can become very intense for small stack players, so concentrate on stealing the blinds off these users and continuation bet the flop in order to put them under more pressure. They’ll have to have hit something on the flop in order to call your bluff, as they’re unlikely to risk their tournament life with nothing.

One of the most important parts of winning sit n go strategy is to make smart steals.  Raising pots with limited action in late position will cumulatively add up to something.  For example, holding JK in late position with one or two limpers in the pot should be raised about 3-4xBB.  These kind of hands still have strong outs, so you’re only putting in a semi-bluff with great fold equity. 

With respect to your starting hands in middle stage sit n goes, allow your play to loosen up a bit by raising small pocket pairs or suited connectors in middle or late position.  I wouldn’t recommend calling a 3bet preflop with a pocket pair below 10-10 unless you’re getting pot odds.  This is because someone could easily have you beat with higher pockets, in which case the 12% odds of you hitting your set on the flop won’t give you the right value to enter preflop.

Final Table Strategy

By the time the final table comes you should have a much better understanding of your opponents and read of them.

Against aggressive opponents who you know will regular steal the blinds from late position, aim to slow play monster hands such as KK and wait for them to make a value shove before you show your hand strength with a re-raise.  When playing against tight opponents in this stage, try to bluff them off pots early by making half or even pot-sizes bets in position. 

Another important thing to remember at the final stages of sit n go strategy is to play shorthanded strategy.  This means opening up your starting hand range to include suited Aces such as As7s, suited connectors and low pocket pairs.  Because the blinds will be so big at this stage, you should aim to get all your chips in preflop if you think you have the best hand.  Slow playing KK preflop is pointless because taking the blinds alone will be worth it – and most action in the final stages of sit n goes on the flop includes players either hitting something and going all in, or missing and folding.

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