Sit N Go Satellite Strategy

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Regular Sit n Go strategy differs slightly in satellite tournaments.  In satellite sit n goes, usually only the winner of the game receives a prize.  This places much higher value on coming first in a tournament, which in turn requires a different style of play and practice.  Some satellite sit n go tournaments will also provide payoffs to the 2nd or 3rd place. This happens when the prizepool of the satellite sit n go exceeds the buy-in for the event procuring the satellite i.e. a ten man $10 sit n go satellite will provide $100.  If the winner of the event procures entrance to a $80 buy-in, then there will be $20 left to split between the other players in the prizepool.

General Sit n Go Satellite Strategy

Because you need to come first in a satellite sit n go, you’ll have to play with this in mind.  You should open your starting hand range, and, more like a heads up game, you must bluff more pots and accumulate blinds quicker than normal.  The hands to call all in with in a satellite sit n go will also change.  For example, if someone goes all in and you’re in late position, you should be calling with even low pocket pairs. Perhaps you should fold here in regular sit n go strategy, but the difference between this and satellite sit n goes preclude you to making a move.  There is much greater value with the chance to become chipstack – and be in line to win the tournament – then to just accumulate a stack too slowly.

Heads Up Strategy

This is one of the most important factors for sit n go satellite strategy.  Coming 2nd in a $10 satellite tournament may seem successful from the outset, but you’ll have missed the payday you came to play for – qualifying for the bigger sit n go event.

This makes heads up strategy so important because you need to be good enough to come first and outplay your opponent in heads up.  As a big stack you should more or less be straddling, forcing your small stack opponent out of the game in a way which makes him unable to mitigate the variance from missing a flop. As small stack ,you need to be going all in preflop and praying to the big guy – because the truth is you’ll need to win 3 all ins, which even when you’re 80% favorite for all of them still only gives you coinflip odds for coming through on top.

Short-Handed Satellite Strategy

Another crux of satellite sit n go strategy, you need to be blind stealing, value shoving and bluffing a lot of the pots when it gets down to short-handed.  You need to come out of this period of the tournament ontop, with the ability to bully and control the table.  Unlike regular cash and sit n go games, you also cannot afford to sit out too many hands and let your opponents double up.  Although in a regular tournament this would get you closer to the money, in a satellite sit n go tournament there is no “bubble”.  You have to become chip leader and not get left behind.  Being the median in chipstacks doesn’t mean anything if you’re stack is only 50% or less of the leader’s.

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