Heads Up Sit n Go Strategy

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Heads Up Sit n Go Strategy:

Heads up Sit n Goes can be the most profitable games for poker players.  Indeed, their popularity in online poker is steadily increasing due to the profitability against weaker poker players who don’t actually know correct heads up sit n go strategy.  And although many cash game players will be avoidant of the heads up sit n goes because of their aggressive and risky nature; the truth is a good poker player can make far more money playing heads up sit n goes then cash games or regular six handed sit n goes.  Think about it, against a worse opponent we can expect to win 7/10 times giving room for variance.  This will give an average return on investment (ROI) in heads up of 20%.  Even if you only win 6/10 games, you’ll still be getting around 10% ROI in heads up matches.  Considering you can quite easily multi-table heads up games too, there is an awful amount f money to be made in learning heads up sit n go strategy.

Heads Up Sit n Go Strategy

The basics of heads up games are that they are much more aggressive then shorthanded sit n goes or regular cash games.  This requires you to play a much broader range of starting hands and to bluff the pot a hell of a lot more.  The maths of heads up are that your opponent will only hit the flop with a pair around 40% of the time; which means bluffing the flop will give you positive value in the long run if your opponent folds every time he misses.

Raise on the Button

Always raise on the button (3-4xBB) as more often than not your opponent will be forced to fold.  This includes raising with hands like J9 or 34 suited.  The position you get on the flop, turn and river is what gives this opening bet so much implied value.  If your opponent misses the flop then you’ll usually be able to take it down using position.

Big Stack Strategy

Being in big stack is always the best position in heads up.  Your aim and heads up strategy now should be to raise the blinds all the time in order to squeeze your opponent out of the pot.  His small stack size relative to the blinds will put him under tremendous pressure, and ultimately his decision with you bluffing the pots continuously will include only going all in or folding.  He won’t be able to afford missing flops he’s called your straddled blinds for in the heads up sit n go.  Also make sure you don’t give away chips too cheaply however.  If you’re on a draw and want to see your opponent off, make sure you have a decent number of outs and pot value before you look solely at the implied odds of knocking out your opponent with one lucky card.

Small Stack Strategy in Sit n Go heads up

Your short stack strategy in heads up must be to go all in preflop with your top hands.  Calling to see the flop isn’t an option really because you won’t be able to deal with the variance in the game – especially in the later stages of the game when the blinds rise.

With less than 10xBB, you need to go all in with your top 75% of hands.  Between 10-30xbb stack, you should go all in with your top 75% hands. 

Remember that even if you’re 80% favorite when you get called all in; if you require 3 all ins to double up you’ll only make it 50% of the time – hence why the chances of winning a heads up sit n go from small stack position are so small.

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