Rush Poker Tournaments

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Rush Poker Tournaments at Full Tilt Poker

After the hyper-success and popularity of Rush Poker, Full Tilt Poker now offers tournament players the same experience in Rush Poker Tournaments.  They have already been seized up in popularity by regular players and and if you haven’t tried them yet you’re missing out for sure.  Full Tilt’s rush tourney’s have already attracted big fields – with 1,086 players clocked in the $10 event on April 20th

How Can I Play Rush Poker Tournaments?

You can go to Full Tilt Poker Here and get a $600 bonus to play Rush Tournaments.  They can be found in the tournament lobby, and you can register and enter them just like any other game.  The games themselves can be played in a number of buy-ins and structures – the $4 and $11 Rush Poker Tournaments run throughout the day, and Omaha players can also find events for $20 entry too.

What Are Rush Poker Tournaments?

Rush tournaments are a special type of MTT available only at Full Tilt Poker.  Rush poker was first introduced by Full Tilt poker for cash game players a few months ago.  It became so successfull and popular that they created Rush Poker Tournaments too.  

Once you fold a hand in a rush tournament you are immediately moved to another table to start  a new hand.  There is no waiting or sitting around for others to finish: It’s literally 24/7 action.  Overall you get to play more hands, get involved in more action – plus the tournaments run faster too.  There is also no hand for hand play in rush tournament poker, and once less than 30 players remain, the table becomes short-handed to ensure players can be moved to different tables without breaks in the play.

Go Play Rush Poker Tournaments Now + $600 Bonus

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