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#1 MTT Training Site and Videos: PokerPwnage

Note: PokerPwnage is now integrated into Pocketfives.
There are a number of training sites for players to choose from, but none of them quite address MTTs as much as PokerPwnage do, at least in terms of  quality and focus anyway. Launched back in 2008, PokerPwnage is at the top of the MTT poker training niche and has a list of high stakes MTT pros, including UCL Phildo, Ghetto Fab, Tirantom, Sketchy & Wretchy. 

If you’re looking for high class MTT training videos, PokerPwnge have over 330 MTT videos drilling home advanced concepts and moves. They teach very specific MTT concepts such as blind stealing, bluff-raising, 3betting/4betting, adusting to the bubble, chipping up, and shoving from EP.  Having watched some of these, I think they’re definately worth paying for.  If you’re uncomfortable with the limited number of MTT videos at other training sites, than it might be in your interest to sign up to Pokerpwnage.  

MTT Videos:

In terms of content, you’ll find up to date MTT videos uploaded most of the MTT videos are aimed at low-mid stakes NLHE tourneys, however you can find the ocassional high stake videos cropping up each week, such as tips for taking down the ,Stars Sunday Million or UB $200k GTD. There are lots of MTT satellite videos, re-buy events and deep stacks to learn from.  You can also watch PLO and PLO Hi-Lo tournament videos from Nsinger, if you’re into that kind of thing, and otherwise you can filter through the various HU, MTT, SNG videos very easily.  New MTT videos are released on a scale of about 5 per week, which keeps the site fresh and up to date.

The MTT coaching team at PokerPwnage is what makes it stand out from the crowd most.  I know a lot of 2+2 folk who signed up to PP alone just for a glimpse of the MTT instructors. You get to watch videos from the worlds’ best high stakes MTT pros such as Russell “rdcrsn” Carson, Matt “mattg1983” and Graham Jon “sketchy1” Eaton.  Asides from hand history reviews, you also get a nice mix of live recordings, and deep runs in the major tournaments such as the UB $200k.  These outline the fine details such as how to conquer the final table or play up to the bubble in the weekly guaranteed events. 

MTT Coaching

If you really want to improve your game or eliminate leaks, than you can even get one-on-one coaching at Poker Pwnage.  Lessons costs between $100 – $400 per hour and you get to pick any instructor from the roster to discuss your play, live on skype.  You also get detailed feedback on the MTTs you played to help eliminate minor errors, and you can pay via Full Tilt Poker/UB or PayPal.

Users at PokerPwnage also get to reap the benefits of the PP forums.  They are full of activity and allow you to ask for MTT hand advice from the pro’s along with other members.  Users can also take part in the special weekly tournaments for members.

Membership Price

Overall, PokerPwnage is reasonably priced.  There is a one-time $35 activation fee and monthly membership cost of $24.99 debited from your paypal account.  You can choose to pay for a 3 month membership at $74.97, or 6 months for $149.94.  Whatever you decide, PokerPwnage give all users a 48 hr free trial to test the videos.

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