Poker Training Sites!

Poker training sites are for serious players who want to watch lots of poker strategy videos.  They are excellent for helping both new and experienced players move up the stakes.  Read below to find out more about poker training sites.

The first major poker training sites like Deuces Cracked opened shop in about 2007, and have helped thousands of low stakes players move into the deep end.

Why Sign Up to a Poker Training Site?

Have you ever wanted to watch over the shoulders of online pros and listen to them walk you through their decision making skills at the table? Well, that’s basically what a poker training site is.

Poker training sites are community-based websites that provide thousands of videos narrated by professional instructors.  The videos teach you various aspects of the game and are a far more entertaining way of learning.  Videos might include session re-plays or videos covering specific situations or moves like when is it right to check-raise out of position or float an agressive opponent’s raise?

When you sign up to a poker training site for a small monthly membership fee, you become privy to hundreds if not thousands of training videos teaching different types of games like NLH or PLO. Videos can be anything from re-plays of games using HM or address specific situations and concepts such as blind stealing and the check-raise. Learning from videos like these are by far the easiest and cost-effective way to improve your game. Most poker sites have a collection of around 500 – 2,000 professional videos. Each of these videos are narrated by world class high stakes poker players like Russell “rdcrsn” Carson, Matt “mattg1983” and Graham Jon “sketchy1” Eaton who are all well known and respected in the online poker communities.

Types of Poker Strategy Videos to Learn From

In terms of MTTs, cash games or SNGs each poker training site will differ on their focus and selection. Deuces Cracked is arguably the world’s best poker training site because they cover every nook and cranny. You can learn all types of games with videos in each department including MTTs, PLO, NLH, 7 Card Stud and fixed limit games. They have about 500+ cash game videos to watch which equals hundreds of hours of footage. This will more than cover advances concepts and difficult situations like bluff-raising, check out of position, range balancing and value betting the turn/river.

Best Poker Training Site: Deuces Cracked (7 Day Free Trial)

My recommended poker training site is Deuces Cracked. They have over 1500 videos to watch and these cover a wide variety of games including NLH cash games, SNGs, MTTs and PLO. You can watch videos from an excellent roster of pros such as “whitelime”, “pr1nnyraid” and ”foxwoodsfiend”, plus Deuces Cracked is highly rated by 2+2 and Pocket Fives communities. The member ship fee of Deuces Cracked is very cheap, and only costs $23-$30/month depending on your payment play (you can sign up with paypal). The good thing about Deuces Cracked is that there is no large activation fee like there is with other poker training sites (PokerVT’s is $150).

The best thing about Deuces Cracked is that they offer a free 7 day trial to users who sign up now. You will have full access to all of the videos and forums during this trial, and even you don’t intend on paying for its services afterwards I still think it’s a great opporunity to take up!

Are Poker Training Sites Worth the Money?

Definitely yes! Most poker training sites have a membership fee of about $20-$25 per month, however you can easily recoup this in your winnings by learning from all of the videos. For example, by moving up from NL10 to NL50 games you can probably make $500+ per month on a casual basis. And when you’re making sweet profits like that, the $20/month bill almost seems like nothing.

In all seriousness, if you want to move up the stakes or learn to improve your game then signing up to a poker training site will be good for you. In addition to videos, you can interact with the other members in the community and take advantage of the monthly promotions or weekly tournaments/forums.