Poker Office Review

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Poker Office Review

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My Verdict

My friends and I have concluded that this is the best poker tracking software for MTTs.

Poker Office 5 is the latest release in terms of MTT tools and won online poker tool of the year back in 2009. In my opinion, the Poker Office series has always been the best tool out of Poker Tracker and Holdem Manager; and the conclusion from most poker forums appears to be the same.

The graphics are better, it has better graphs and features (including a re-players and calculator) and Poker Office 5 has the most advanced HUD (Heads Up Display).

Post-Game MTT Tracking

The post-game graphs and data breakdowns are the most important features. As an avid MTT player it lets me record, analyse and replay all of my MTT games which is tremendously useful for going through games to check if I made any mistakes. The graphs are awesome, breaking down MTTs into different periods as well as providing quick stats for ROI and ITM percentages. Poker Office also automatically shows how many final table finishes players have made plus which stakes they were most successful in.

Poker HUD

Poker Office has the best HUD I’ve ever used. It uses advanced 16×16 icons that you can upload to visualize effectively (for example, whether an opponent is tight or aggressive) and it displays up to 5 different stats including the standard setup of VPIP/PFR/AF etc…

Ease of Use

I think it’s fair to say a lot of the advanced poker tools are difficult to understand but Poker Office is really user-friendly. I reckon players can become adept at using it in under an hour given its clean interface, plus there’s a forum and support guide to help first time users.

Poker Office Features:

  • MTT Tracking
  • Detailed Reports, Statistics and Graphs
  • Poker HUD
  • Hand Replayer
  • Odds Calculator

Poker Office works at every major poker room including PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker, UB, Titan Poker, Bodog Party Poker plus more…

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