Poker Edge Review

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Poker Edge Review

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What Makes Poker Edge Stand Out?

There is a big choice when it comes to poker tracking software for players. The problem when new players purchase poker tracking software such as Poker Office or Holdem Manager is that the HUD stats are limited. You need to play for many hours before you can build up hand history on the players at your table to make the HUD stats reliable (e.g. AG, VPIP, PRR).

This is where Poker Edge makes a big difference. Rather than having to store your own collection of stats on your computer (which takes up space also), Poker Edge comes with a remote central database which contains billions of hand history on different players. The benefits of Poker Edge are imminent – you will have instant overlay stats and “reads” on every single opponent at the table. Poker Edge’s central database grows by 10 million+ hands each day giving you a massive advantage of everyone else.

Poker Edge’s Other Features

Poker Edge is more impressive than 99% of software on the market. It boasts a collection of features including Detailed Player Reports, Calculator and Table Finders. The player reports and post-game breakdowns help a lot when you’re trying to improve and find cracks in your game that are holding you back. New users will have no problem getting to terms with its functional menu layout and nav system plus the graphs have excellent graphics and are customisable e.g. players can analyse their aggressiveness at each street.

What I like most about Poker Edge is the Notifications action, which pops up on your computer whenever you are dealt a particular hand or hit a straight. This is especially useful for multi-tabling and can be customised for practically anything.

The HUD Stage technology is another thing out of this world. Poker Edge’s HUD screen lets you choose to display overlay stats for each street for each player at the click of a button. As opposed to having stationary stats, Poker Edge provides the more relevant stats as the hand progresses.

Which Rooms Support Poker Edge?

Poker Edge works for over 30 different poker rooms including Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Partypoker. You can check on the website for exactly which poker rooms are safe to use.

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