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Lesson 3: Where to Play Tournaments & Build a Bankroll

Here I tell you exactly which tournaments to play and where.  You need to be playing tournaments in your bankroll range to minimise the risks, as well as play tournaments with great value. 

You Must Play Low Stakes Tournaments

With your starting bankroll of $200 you should be playing tournaments with a maximum buy-in of $1-$3. Remember this is normal MTT bankroll management, and playing tournaments worth less than 1% of your bankroll reduces the risks of going broke from the variance of these games.

Below I tell you exactly what tournaments/where to play.  Alot of poker rooms don’t allow US players, so I have had to divide where to play depending on whether you live in the US or not.  Follow the section relevant to you.

For Non-US Players

For Non-US players, you should sign-up and play at Titan Poker.  Titan Poker is the 3rd biggest online poker room and they provide exactly the type of tournaments you should be playing.  Their daily schedule of low-stakes tournaments is perfect for you to build your bankroll whilst minimising risk.  Another reason for playing at Titan Poker is because the competition is very weak and it is much easier to earn money playing MTTs.  You’ll also get a great $500 bonus and free calculator tool from our site.

Go to Titan Poker with a $500 Bonus!

Bankroll Builder Promotion: Sign up to Titan Poker and Enter Bonus Code Mosesbet1 to receive a $500 bonus and free poker calculator tool that will help you earn more money.

Which Tournaments You Should Play at Titan:

With your $100-$200 bankroll, you should play any of the tournaments at Titan with a $1 – $3 entry fee.  There are many of these tournaments running daily at Titan (found in the tournament lobby).  Below I have outlined a few examples.

Daily $3,000 Speed ($3 buy-in)
Daily $500 ($3 buy-in)
Daily $2,000 GP ($1 buy-in)
Daily $5,000 Speed ($3 buy-in)
Daily $1,500 ($1 buy-in)
Daily $2,000 ($3 buy-in)
Daily $2 buy-in Turbo
Daily $2 Freezeout
Daily $4,000 Speed ($2 buy-in)
Daily $5,000 Speed ($2 buy-in)


For US Players

For US players, in the past you could sign-up and play at Full Tilt Poker and Ultimate Bet.  Both these sites provide a phenomenal range of the tournaments that you should build your bankroll with.  Full Tilt Poker has slightly more low-stakes tournaments than Ultimate Bet, however the tournaments at the latter are easier to beat – you will earn more money here because of that. 

You should play any of the regular freezeout or guaranteed tournaments with a buy-in of $1 – $3.  You will find many of these to choose from each day in the tournament lobby.  New tournaments usually start up every 15 minutes so you will find plenty of games.

Go to Full Tilt Poker  + $600 Bonus

Full Tilt Poker is the 2nd biggest poker room in the world.  They have excellent software and facilities, and if you are new player you will receive a $600 bonus.  This will increase the amount you earn playing MTTs.

Ultimate Bet is an establised site in the online poker industry.  They have a tremendous number of tournaments and loyal player base, and we think their software and features is one of the best.  You will also get a $1,100 bonus which is one of the biggest in the industry.

Conclusion About Your ROI and MTT Profits

You should wait until you’ve played at least 100 tournaments before analysing your  profit or Rate of Return (ROI).

With the experience and education you have had, you should on average have acheived an ROI of about 5% – 20%.  Don’t worry if you havn’t this.  If you keep playing MTTs above and remain patient you will eventually start seeing results.  I can virtually guarantee this.  Just remember that the variance can be higher, and it may take longer to see results, if you are playing tournaments with a larger entry field (200+ players).  There is not a big difference in the amount you can make in the long term from small or big tournaments.  However you will earn money faster (in the short term) by playing smaller tournaments with less than 100 entrants.  It is easier to get to the payoff places in these games.

You should keep playing these same tournaments until your bankroll increases to about $500.  After this you can start playing $5-$10 buy-in tournaments, which will increase your profits faster.

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