MTT Bankroll Builder Guide

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A Beginner/Micro-Stakes MTT Player Guide:

 How to Turn a $200 Starting Bankroll into $1,000+ in MTTs

Welcome to the first guide on the internet explaining how to start making money (without risk) by playing micro stakes tournaments online (games with a $0 – $5 entry fee).  This tournament bankroll building guide teaches a step by step process for turning a $100-$200 starting bankroll into over $1,000 in tournaments.

Starting Capital: Requirements from You

The only requirement for players starting this guide is to set aside $100-$200 as your bankroll.  This will allow you to play enough tournaments to cover the variance and let your ability earn you money. Tournaments always require a bit of luck to finish in a high position with many entrants.  It is not unknown for players to go up to 25 games in a row without a payday.   Your starting bankroll of $200 should be enough to play many tournaments over and over without going broke before a payday.

At the moment this article only covers micro-stakes players (people playing in tournaments of $30 entry or less).  

 Why is this Micro-MTT Guide So Good?

It’s no secret that there are a number of other resources for learning tournament strategy. However this guide is different – it’s better.

Rather than just teaching you some basic tournament tips, or showing you one-off videos; this micro-MTT guide gives you a comphrehensive reference.  It micro-manages you in essence, so that you don’t mess up or play in unprofitable games.  Everything you need to start earning money in tournaments can be found here (this saves the need for you scattering around the internet finding answers to your questions).

Start the MTT Bankroll Builder Guide

To begin the road to micro-stakes tournament success, please follow the steps and lessons outlined below.

Lesson 1: Learn Tournament Strategy

Lesson 2: Improve your MTT End Game and Bubble Play 

Lesson 3: Which Tournaments to Play

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