MTT Bankroll Builder – How to Get from 0$ to $1,000 in MTTs

As regular MTT players, we all had to start out somewhere; I remember the days spent playing the $1 Stars 45-man SNGs, or even Full Tilt Poker’s 180-man MTTs.  Like Boku87 (who managed to turn $100 into $10,000 in the space of just 14 days by multi-tabling small stakes SNGs), in this article, I am going to show you how to go from $0 – $1,000 by playing MTTs. 

Before you can even think about building a roll in MTTs, you need to be getting a positive ROI% in the games that you’re already playing.  2% ROI is profitable, but that leaves plenty of room for improvement stealing blinds and making more ITM finishes.  If you to start making serious money in MTTs than I recommend reading up on a bunch of my MTT articles before you rush into start playing a variety of games.

Step 1) $100 Free Bankroll

New players, before you can even think about building a bankroll, need a big enough capital reserve to get started.  I recommend taking advantage of this free $100 no-deposit bankroll, which you can use to play micro-mid stakes MTTs at UB. 

Step 2) Beginner Tournaments – Spin a $100 up to $500 Bankroll

Ever wondered how to turn a $100 bankroll into $300+ through MTTs in just a few weeks?  The answer is to sign up to Bodog, where you’ll find plenty of Beginner and low stakes tournaments to take down with big prizes. Having checked out the average weakness in Bodog’s MTTs and noting how quickly players bust out before the middle stages, I sincerely recommend playing in Bodog’s $1-$10 daily guaranteed buy-in tournaments to help find your feet. 

These events are full of fish and juicy overlays, and have a better distribution of prizes (making it easier to increase your ITM% finishes). 

After playing a couple hundred MTTs from $1 to $5 buy-ins, you should be able to see a 20%+ ROI, which increases your poker bankroll to about $200 – $500.

3) Low-Stakes MTTs – Grind $500 up to $1,000!

As the size of your roll gets to $500+, now is the time to start playing the small field MTTs at Full Tilt Poker.  The 90 man $3 KO’s and 180 man MTTs are very good for building a bankroll. These games barely last a couple of hours, contain a lot of action and are great for winning bounties off the heads of weak TAG players and nits.  The 90 and 180 man MTTs here are slightly better than PokerStars because they give you double stacks, which reduces the variance from the games.

Other games at Full Tilt Poker that I recommend playing includes the $10k Daily Dollar, which you can now play from just $1 each day and it has a $1,500 1st place prize paid to the winner.  The Big Little tournaments and low stakes daily GTD events are also pretty good if you ask me.