Micro MTT Strategy

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Micro Stakes MTT Strategy

There are very few articles out there defining exactly what micro MTT strategy is.  $0 – $10 entry fee tournaments are very popular nowadays however, so here is an article explaining how to grind a bankroll out of micro MTTs.

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I personally recommend Full Tilt Poker to build a bankroll in micro MTTs with.  Round the clock sit and goes start from $1 + $.25 and micro MTTs start from $0.10 – all these games are solid and winnable.  The daily dollar is also a great value event with a $10,000 prizepool for just $1 entry.   Likewise, you should definately try Matrix Tournaments at Full Tilt, where each tournament consists of 4 STTs (single-table tournaments) played simultaneously against the same 8 players.  You win money based on each of your table positions, plus if you win all 4 tournaments you get a special dominatrix prize.  We also recommend you go play the 90 and 180 man MTTs there.

Full Tilt also do 12 xdaily freerolls with a $500 prizepool running every 2 hours.  They got alot of players, but if you have the time I recommend them for practice and experience.

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Micro Stakes MTT Strategy

Firstly, you must be aware that most the players in micro MTTs are fishy/weak.  The effect this has on your overall game is perhaps the most important.  In $1 – $10 micro MTTs you’ll be looking at about 80% of players not knowing what they’re doing.  These are the type of players who make opening raises of 20xBBs etc and call really bad hands out of position. 

To counter this, you should be playing very tight, and definitely try to avoid playing lots of hands early on.  As time progresses, the worst players will bust out early, and the quality of players will get gradually better.  However the reason you should play super tight early (AA,AK,QA,KK) is because you’ll get up to 2-4 donks calling you each time and you will often get sucked out.  Even with a great preflop hand like AA you don’t really want more than 2 or maybe 3 callers.

In freerolls you it’s usually best to play super aggro in the first few hands (all-in with any two cards) because doubling/tripling up is necessary and stops you wasting your time if you don’t.  We have an article on freeroll strategy here.

Elsewhere in your tournament you should make big changes in your play from regular MTTs.  In micro stakes MTT strategy, donks do not really understanding concepts like 3betting, re-stealing and limp shoves.  Your best bet is to stick to ABC strategy which involves playing tightly and utilising position.  The number of calling stations is a lot greater, so you should be constantly overbetting and betting for value on all your good/monster hands.  Generally speaking the early stage of micro MTT strategy is practically standard and you should be able to do it on auto-pilot.

Alot of players will also recommend using software like Tournament Shark.  In my experience this really isn’t necessary for micro MTTs.  Players will not be consistent, so using their stats to find their 3bet ranges etc isn’t going to be all that important.

Is it Possible to Grind Bankrolls in Micro MTTs?

Yes.  This is a question many players will ask, mainly because people view online micro MTTs having such small payoffs.  You can make alot of money and grind a $100-$200 bankroll in these games.  Sometimes it’ll take a while before you make a big finish, but if you play enough games correctly your ROI will be heading towards 10-20% with an ITM of around 16%.

For those of you discouraged by micro MTTs, I recently read a forum saying someone went months without cashing out big, but then finally won a the Full Tilt Daily Dollar tourney and won $16,00 from a $1 buy-in.  So look, it does happen.  Micro Stakes MTT Strategy is mainly about grinding and improving.

A final tip is that if you’re going to play micro MTT games, try to only play events with smaller fields (below 1,000 entrants).   This not only makes it easier to make the final table and grind some money, but it also reduces variance and allows you to play more tournaments faster.  Profitability/time period is important too.

We Recommend You Go Play Micro MTTs at Full Tilt Poker – Get a $600 Bonus Now

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