Micro Stakes Strategy

Micro Stakes Strategy at Aced

The last couple nights I’ve been playing a bit of NL25 on the 0.10/0.25 tables at Aced, and after playing about 10 hours multi-tabling I’ve decided to leave the following pieces of advice for those regularly playing these stakes.  Feel free to ignore it but I think it’s good advice for micro stake 6-handed games. 

Make Your Raises Higher than Normal Strategy

I found that with so many poor players in the NL25 games at Aced I had to increase all of my bet-sizes when I’m ahead – especially my post-flop raises.  I’m suggesting this because players will still call your overbet raises so why min-raise $3 on the river of a $5 pot when you can raise $4 and get away with it?  I’ve had plenty of encounters making these kind of raises and getting better value for money, especially with call-stations on flush/straight draws.

Beware – Pre-flop Raises Still Get Called by Marginal Hands out of Position

There’s nothing you can do about this, I just think it’s important to note that players will still call 4xBB raises with hands still as low as 56o and J7o out of position.  This is especially important on a dry flop when you’d assume everyone has missed.

Example of hand I was involved in: One player raises $2, gets re-raised to $4, I go all-in (10-10) with my $20 stack.  Both players amazingly call with KJ and JA.  Flop comes A-7-10 and I take it down.  Point is, I have played fairly tight, and both players called.

Another example was when I had a pair of Kings on the flop.  One player had bottom pair (2s) and called my $5 raise in a $10 pot for the river.  He hit his Ace on the river, but was getting ridiculously bad odds for it (he was getting 3:1 pot odds when he needed at least 8:1 to make the call).

Don’t Bluff Too Much

Bluffing at higher stakes games is common practice however in these games players are bad enough to call even with marginal hands for bad odds.  One player called an all-in preflop ($30) with 34 off suit against KK for example.  Obviously this type of player is extremely rare but you do get them – for once my value shove with KK pre-flop paid off!

Also remember players will call without the right pot odds so I have been pretty reluctant to raise with hands that I have no plan B for.  What I mean is, make sure you have plenty of outs if you’re bluffing with second pair or worse, and don’t shove your stack onto scare cards if you’ve opponent isn’t capable of throwing his cards.

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  1. Gustav Streseman says:

    how delightfully insightful.

  2. Dal Aye Lama says:

    strategic dynamite

  3. Ken Kiss Kahn says:

    Greetings, from Mongolia – this article make me micro stakes wizard!