Doyles Room $50,000 Rake Race

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$50,000 Rake Race at Doyles Room Every Month

Do you play a lot of poker?  Now why not sign up to our rake race at Doyles Room where you can win a part of $50,000 in cash prizes each month.

How to Enter the Rake Race:

To enter the $50,000 Race Race, simply sign up to Doyles Room and earn 33% rakeback through this link.  You must follow the sign-up process exactly in order to be eligible.  Then, once you are set up with your account you will automatically be entered into the rake race competition for each month.  You can check the current standings at any time by coming back to our site, clicking the rakeback links and going to the specific promotions page.

Join the $50,000 Rake Race – Sign Up to Doyles Room with 33% Rakeback!

If you don’t know what a rake race is, than it’s basically a competition where the top players who rake the most for that particularly month will earn big cash prizes.  In the case of our completion, the top 275 rakers of that month will receive a cash prize which ranges from $6,500 for the winner, $2350 for 2nd, all the way down to $50 for 275th.
Last month’s Doyles Room $50,000 Rake Race was won by hhhold, who managed to rake $10,500 MGR in rake.

How to Accumulate Rake?

Whenever you play at online poker room for real money, you end up paying fees or “rake” to the poker room.  This is how the room makes its money.   In cash games this comes out of the pots you play in.  For example, the poker room usually takes a 5% fee from each pot that you play in (when you win a $50 pot, the poker room will take $2.50).  In MTTs, the rake is taken as part of the buy-in: for example, in a $10+$1 MTT, the rake paid is $1.

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