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72 Bluffing Poker Competition

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About the 72 Bluffing Poker Competition

$50 is handed out every month to the player who sends a picture of the best bluff with a 72 hand – the worst starting hand in poker.

All players reading this can enter the online poker competition for free.  All users have to do is sign up to a poker room directly from our poker bonus page here (you get a choice of free cash offers), and send in a picture of your best or biggest bluff with 72.  Email all pictures (prt sc) to  At the end of the month we’ll post the winner up on the website and send the $50 straight away.  Please note the competition only counts for cash and ring table games (not tournaments or Sit n G’s as displayed in the picture).  At the moment only 2 people are in the poker competition so your chances of winning are extremely high!


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  1. Wilhelm Smit says:

    great idea, brings a new dimension to bluffing and hold’em!

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