Best Time to Play Online Poker

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When is Best Time to Play Online Poker?

The best time to play online poker depends largely on two things – whether an online poker room accepts US players, and the type of traffic or competition you prefer. Generally speaking, the best time to play online poker throughout the week is from early afternoon through to evening (i.e 2pm – 11pm EST). This is when the majority of online poker players are free from work and you’ll notice a huge surge in online poker traffic at this time.

Importantly, the worst time to play online poker in any part of the world is 3am EST. This is when US players will be sleeping, and it also coincides with the work day at most European countries. 

If you’re worried about poker traffic being too poor when you play, we suggest downloading Full Tilt Poker where the traffic is virtually always high – no matter what time you play. 

Best Time to Play Poker at US-friendly Poker Rooms

In US online poker rooms the best time to play online poker is at 5:30 PM EST (New York Time). Everyone will be coming home from work at this time (or finished school) and will be logging into to their online poker accounts. For players in Western Europe this relates to around 10.30 pm to Midnight.

Best Time to Play Poker at Non-US Poker Rooms

The most traffic at these rooms will be from 5:30 -11:00 PM GMT (London). Most European players will be playing now so you’ll find the European-focused poker rooms like Titan Poker buzzing with action.  If you’re a UK or non-US player, we highly recommend playing at Titan Poker.

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