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Bluffing makes poker what it is, without bluffing players would simply play see through hands and everyone would know what they had. Adding bluffing into the equation makes poker a game of immense skill and less luck. To pull off the best poker bluffs a player needs a number of factors and only the very advanced poker players are able to recognise these when making big profitable bluffs.

Greenstein Bluff vs Eli Elezra

To start with let’s look at one of the best poker bluffs pulled off by Barry Greenstein against Eli Elezra. Barry raises it up to $6.2k with J6 off to be called by Eli holding A6 of diamonds and Jamie gold holding Q8. The flop falls 2c3d3s. Barry continuation bets with a 9k bet to be called again by Eli but Jamie folds his hand as he probably should have pre flop. The turn comes a king of diamonds which gives Eli the nut flush raw. Barry checks and Eli raises to 22k, Barry thinks for a while then comes over the top with an all in bet that Eli simply can’t call. This is a great poker bluff by Barry and it seems that he knew exactly what Eli was holding.

Ivey Bluff vs Paul Jackson

The second great poker bluff comes from a hand played out with Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson. They are playing heads up for the Monte Carlo Millions title with well over a million dollars at stake. Phil is dominating Jackson 4 to 1 on chips but doubling up Jackson would make him a dangerous entity. Ivey is dealt queen eight of hearts and cheks on out of position, Jackson calls with 65 off suit. The flop calls JhJc7c, and Ivey raises to 80 thousand chips, Jackson then responds by reraising to 170k. Ivey sits and things for a minute and reraises Jacksons raise to 320k in chips. If this wasn’t enough Jackson sits and thinks there for a second and decides to reraise again, to 470k. This would when most action would stop but Ivey being the great poker player he is decides to pull the trigger on this poker bluff and pushes all in. Jackson quickly folds and Ivey takes down one of the best poker bluffs in history.

Booth Bluff vs Ivey

The final poker bluff is one found on High Stakes Holdem in a hand which is Brad Booth verses Phil Ivey.  David Williams raises with 3.8k with J9 off suit and Booth re-pops it to 5.8K with 42 of spades. Ivey is dealt Kings in the big blind and re-raises the pot to 14k. David Williams quickly gets out of the hand but Booth thinks for a minute and after realising how deep Ivey is he makes the call. The flop brings 3d7s6d which is no help to Booth. Ivey bets 23k on the flop and the action is left to Brad Booth. Brad who seemingly can’t stay in the hand thinks for a few seconds and then announces all in. This bet is around 300k effective for both for their stacks. Phil sits there and thinks for a couple of minutes before throwing his hand away to allow Brad to take down a huge pot with just 4 high. This poker bluff was most likely done for Meta game purposes so Brad thought he would be able to profit from it in the future. Brad also knew that it would be very hard for Ivey to call if he had something like a pair of Kings Aces or Queens.

Out of the three poker bluffs covered, players usually consider the best poker bluff to be the one involving Phil Ivey and Paul Jackson. Simply because of the amount of action in the hand and the amount of money that was at stake for the tournament title.

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