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What Are University Poker Societies?

University Poker Societies are readily becoming more popular around university in the UK.

university poker societyUsually taking place on a weekly basis, university poker societies and student poker games are organized by the student union, where a range of university poker players and students can enjoy friendly, social games with their colleagues.

The people in charge of the University Poker Societies are usually 2nd or 3rd years, who’ve been elected to their positions by their members, and will try and sort out the best locations and deals to run student poker tournaments. With regards to the amount of money you should bring to these university poker games, around £5-10 should be enough, as the majority of weekly university poker games shouldn’t be any higher than this.

What’s the Competition Like?

If you’re unfortunate enough to meet the university poker society chairman, who won’t stop going on about the $2/$4 blinds he was playing on PokerStars the other night, don’t fret; as there are plenty of more friendly, less socially inept university poker players hanging around the cash games.

In terms of competition in these university poker tournaments, you’ll usually find quite a few decent student poker players who’ve probably been to a few live poker tournaments and events themselves. Don’t worry too much about it though, as the majority of university poker players won’t be running around with bankrolls over $50. Ultimately, if you’ve been playing online poker for at least a year, then you’re bound to be up to level with the majority of players; and even if you aren’t, there are still a large number of inexperienced, dilatory university poker payers hanging around. Also known as “fish”, you’ll probably find it useful being able to spot these inexperienced student poker players early, especially when you’re in your final years of university and looking for some easy university poker money to raise!

University Poker Society Numbers

With respect to the membership base and the number of poker players in the university poker society, this varies considerably from 20 – 200 players, largely depending on the size of the actual university. At Manchester University’s Poker Society, there are around 150 members, at least 40 of which turn up every week for the student poker games and tournaments.

It’s also not unheard of to have around 200 student players registered to the actual university poker society, but have only a dozen or so student poker players turn up weekly. This factor really depends on the quality of games the university poker society puts on, as well as how the university poker society members market and promote theses events to their members. The norm nowadays seems to be notifying student poker players through facebook, as well as regularly putting events up on the university poker society website.

How Much Can I Expect To Win?

The amount of money in the prize pool at student poker games organized by the university poker society largely depends on four things: a) the number of student poker players who turn up, b) the buy-in of the student poker event, and c) the number of players who receive payouts and d) the amount of rake the university poker society takes.

The rake is the amount of money the university poker society will usually take out of the prize pool (or entry price) in order to pay for university poker society equipment or the location etc. You shouldn’t expect to see a rake of any more than 10% of the buy-in at student poker events though. Any more than this, and you’ll likely see the number of student poker players who turn up at these university poker society events dwindle quickly.

The number of playouts means how many student players at the event will get paid.  For example, if the top 10 players at a university poker game get paid, then they will each receive less than if it were only the top 3 who got paid.

Other Tips for University Poker?

In order to make your first trip to the university poker society a good one, make sure you brush up on your knowledge of the game (mainly so you can understand what the f*ck is being said at the table..)

Also, get ready to prepare yourself for some serious student poker banter, as all these university poker society events have a number of loud-mouthed, vociferous twats just waiting to pick on a newbie or shout at an idiot student poker or ‘fresher’ move.

Other than that, enjoy the game, meet the university society members, and make sure to check out for the next student poker and university poker society events!

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