Top Reasons for Playing Scratch Cards Online

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Scratch card games have become increasingly popular as the number one instant win game that can be played either for free or for real money online.

The multi-million dollar pound scratch card industry is typically most popular in the UK and Europe where online bingo and lotto type games have prevailed.

When signing up to a scratch card site there are plenty of choices for new players.  In addition to the big gambling operators and bookmakers such as William Hill and Paddy Power there are dozens of new UK scratch card sites such as Top Scratch, Scratch2Cash, Go Scratch, Prime Scratch and more.  Even UK magazines such as OK have launched their own scratch card games and promos to players.

Advantages of Playing Scratch Cards Online

There are a number of reasons why playing scratch games online is so popular among players.  First of all, online scratch card sites such as Top Scratch and 888 Games tend to have much higher payoffs and a chance of winning then offline scratch card games that you’d find at your local newsagent shop.  Where as a typical newsagent scratch card ticket may cost you a couple of quid with a grand prize of £100 up to £1,000, most online scratch card sites will let you buy tickets from as little as 1p.  Top Scratch’s games all have a 97% payout and you have a 1 in 3 chance of winning.  With prizes won every day by their players worth anything from £1,000 up to £5,000, the fact that you will win 1 in every 3 games makes these sites extremely profitable to play at.

Secondly, scratch card games are extremely easy for new players to understand, play and win.  The most popular themed games such as Deal or No Deal and Monopoly Riches have extremely simple rules which even the most dumbfounded of people would have no problem understanding.  The ability for new players to win in basic scratch card games like this for real money makes them extremely popular.  In no other game online can you win thousands of pounds within a few seconds just by spending 10p or 50p on a ticket.

The great and unique thing about playing scratch cards is that you can play them at any time you like.  All scratch card sites use Java or Flash software which means you can select a game and open it in a new browser to begin playing immediately.  This is really good because unlike bingo sites or poker rooms you don’t have to wait for a specific schedule of games or wait for enough other players to start.  The fact that scratch cards are a luck-based game also make them more popular among beginners because it means you won’t be disadvantaged if you’ve never played before.

Find £5-£10 in Free Scratch Card Bonuses Online!

You can get free sign-up bonuses worth between £5 and £10 at a variety of UK-friendly scratch card sites online.  For example, if you sign up to 888 Games or Top Scratch (one of my favourite games sites with more than 75+ instant win games including scratch cards, lottos, sports games and video slots) you can receive a £5 free bonus.  If you make a deposit here you’ll also get a 100% up to £100 bonus plus the ability to take advantage of weekly bonuses and prizes in the exciting VIP rewards scheme.

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