Top 3 Tools in Online Poker

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Top 3 Tools in Online Poker

Outwitting your opponents is one thing,  but having the capacity to make better decisions and with more experience and technology behind you is something else.

Thus, I’ve decided it necessary to provide readers at MosesBet information on the best 5 tools in online poker.  These will expand your game, earn you bigger profits in the long-run and help you move up a level.

1. Poker-Edge

A HUD (Heads up display) should be at the top of your shopping list.  A HUD displays valuable information and statistics about the opponents at your table.  It’s a clever piece of software that helps you make tough decisions by analysing the style and aggressiveness of opponents.  It will display up to 100 different customised stats which can include VPIP%, 3bet%, fold-to-3bet% and others.

Poker-Edge has by far the most advanced HUD, and it even comes with its own database which enables a very accurate breakdown of players and lots of hand histories to analyse.  This makes data and sample sizes more reliable than other HUD software out there.

2. Deuces Cracked Membership

Poker training sites turn hundreds of recreational players into winning NL25 players every week. 

Deuces Cracked runs the best training site in my opinion, with a stockpile of over 500 videos and some impressive instructors.  Membership costs $23/month, but I can guarantee you’ll be making this back in winnings if you take the time to watch some of their videos.

3. Table Ninja

A must have tool for multi-tablers.  This peice of software is designed by the same clever people who brought you Holdem Manager.  It allows you to multi-table more effectively and to greater results on PokerStars.

How?  By allowing you to control betting and raising amounts with your keyboard and creating “hot-keys” for certain tasks.  The end result is faster play with less mistakes.  You make your bet-sizes more precise with keyboard buttons.  You can also join more tables and games with the click of a hotkey.  This funky feature helps save you time and effort scrolling through the lobby fossicking for games.

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