Tom “Durrrr” Dwan Broke?

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Tom Dwan’s Online Losses in November

dwanTom Dwan’s downswing graphs last month resembled nothing less than the stock market crash of the 1930s. 

The exuberant young pro Tom “Durrrr” Dwan has been hailed as one of the best high stakes poker players in the world.  His publicity and credence as one of the world’s greatest online players was further enhanced when he signed with Team Full Tilt on November 9th.  Joining an estimable list of other poker players – including Ivey, Hansen, Antonius and Lederer – Tom Dwan has since managed to lose $4.2 million of his online bankroll.

A number of poker community forums and sites have been filled with questions over whether Tom Durrrr Dwan was broke.  Indeed, there aren’t many professional poker players out there who could suffer Dwan’s heavy downswings worth millions of dollars.  With Dwan’s total online poker bankroll considered to be worth around $10 million, Durrrr’s losses in November against isildur1 and Antonius have represented a calamitous 40% downswing.

In the first weeks of November, Tom “durrrr” Dwan lost over $460k pots to Swedish player isildur1 in $500/1000 blinds.  Palpably, when you’re playing at such high stakes online, you’re bound to suffer heavy losses.  But after three nights of heads up action between Dwan and Isidlur1, the former paradise poker player lost over $2.3 million to unknown Swede isilidur1.  Proving to be one of Dwan’s biggest losses, the month only continued to get worse. 

Tom “Durrrr” Dwan Broke?

Questions over Dwan’s bankroll and whether Durrrr was going broke looked unquestionable last night, as the 23 year old American was seen playing $25/50 limits – significantly lower than his normal stakes of $100/$200 played in the Million Dollar Challenge games.  While Dwan’s biggest downswing looked like turning upwards last night, the giant poker losses he suffered last month seemed irrevocable. Questions have been asked in forums whether Dwan can even afford to continue any Million Dollar Challenge games at the moment.

Tom Dwan, having acquired poker strategy tips and developed his game as a student poker player, has rarely been seen playing such low stakes games since then.  He suffered heavy losses as a student player while four tabling at $50/100 in online poker at one point; and had to go back down the stakes to rebuild his bankroll. 

And that’s exactly what looks like happening now.  Unfortunately for his abetting fans, it looks like Tom Dwan is broke. Durrr suffered the biggest losses ever against Isildur1, and doesn’t look able to continue playing at his regular online poker stakes.  With Dwan outplayed by isildur1 throughout November 2009, his losses to the unknown isildur1 total over $5 million now.  While it could be over dramatic claiming Dwan is broke outright, the untenable damages to his online bankroll have surely left him losing the ability to gain revenge against Antonius and isidulr1 for the time being.

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